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Healthy Decisions
Wellness Program
Choose Well
Live Well
What is the Wellness Program?
To receive the lower wellness premium, enrollment is required,
this is part of the medical insurance plan
Applies to employees (not dependents) If the employee and the
employee’s spouse/dependent works at the organization, ONLY the
employee carrying the insurance needs to participate in the Healthy
Decisions Wellness Program to maintain eligibility for the lower premium
Helps to identify health related goals and develop strategies for
improving health and well-being
Participation in the Healthy Decisions Wellness Program
encourages employees to engage in their health!
Program Requirements
Getting Started…These are separate steps!
1. Complete online Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
WebScore. Registration and completion is required
annually for the Healthy Decisions Wellness
Program. The WebScore HRA is located on the front page of the portal, left side, under
CMHC applications, bottom triangle. Please register as a new user (instructions on first page).
Completion of your HRA by December 31, 2011 is necessary to maintain your enrollment in Healthy
Decisions Wellness.
2. Create your Personal Wellness Account at:
https://cmmfhealthydecisions.com/ If you have an account,
please use current username and password. Your personal account will help you keep track of
program timelines, complete your personal wellness plan, schedule appointments and complete your
wellness activities.
Program Requirements
3. Health Counseling
Health counseling requirements are based on
results of your WebScore HRA. Based on
results, participants will be notified of risk
groups and deadlines associated, specific to
their individual risk.
What other features are part of
the Wellness Program?
Healthy Decisions Plus – Care Management is a free service
offered to Healthy Decisions participants who would like assistance in coordinating
their care and other personal needs.
The role of our care manager is to help the participant navigate their
personal care plans, connect them with resources needed to achieve their
lifestyle goals (physical, financial, emotional), and be an advocate in
supporting improvement and maintenance of their overall health.
What other features are part of
the Wellness Program?
Healthy Decisions Advantage-Wellness Reimbursement Program
$125 Reimbursement for healthy activities such as:
Wellness Center memberships
Gym memberships
Weight watchers or like program
Hiking club membership
Dance classes
Yoga classes
Submit your attendance and receipt for a $125 taxable reimbursement-For
more information on this and other activities log on to
There is more information at
Overview of Healthy Decisions and the Healthy Decisions
Wellness Program
All HR forms
Contacts for voluntary benefits
Please visit the Healthy Decisions Website for more information
Who do I contact with questions
on the Wellness Program?
If you need assistance with any of the Healthy
Decisions Wellness Program enrollment process,
please contact:
Jill Brayman
Elizabeth Coombs
ext. 7757
ext. 7769
outside 330-7757
outside 330-7769

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