Electronic Timesheet Guide
Additional questions can be directed
to Amber ext. 4833 or Lynnette ext.
*For future reference, timesheets will be located R:/Finance Forms
Electronic Timesheet Basics
• Option 1 – Option 1 is
used when timesheet
is being completed in
real time. Click on
desired day, which will
highlight a “Time In”
or “Time Out” Cell.
Click on “Clock
In/Out” button.
• The time will
automatically populate
and round to the
nearest quarter hour.
Repeat for clocking
out/in for lunch and
out for the day.
Electronic Timesheet Basics
• Option 2- Option 2 is
used when completing
the timesheet after the
day has been completed
or if a clock in/out has
been missed. Click on
desired cell. Type in time
in/out. **Note: When
typing in time, you must
use “AM” or “PM”. There
must be a space between
“time” and “AM” or “PM”
• When typing in time,
rounding to the nearest
quarter hour is NOT
necessary. The timesheet will calculate it for you.
Printing Timesheets
• Once the timesheet
has been completed
for the month,
employees MUST use
the provided “Print”
button to print and
submit their
• ***IMPORTANT NOTE**** All fields must be completed prior to
printing timesheet for part-time and work-study employees.
Special Circumstances
• Working on a HolidayThe timesheet will
verify that the
employee is
intentionally trying to
put hours on a holiday.
**NOTE** These hours
will need to be initialed
by the supervisor for
payroll to know they
have been approved.
• Sick and Vacation timeEmployees must enter
sick and vacation hours in
the appropriate category
below the “Time In/Out”
Important Notes to Remember
• Supervisors must initial by holidays worked or the
payroll department will assume those hours are
not approved.
• All part-time and work-study employees must
complete all fields prior to printing the timesheet
(ex: Rate of pay, Name, Employee ID, etc.)
• The provided “Print” button must be used. This
affects calculations utilized by payroll.
• There are different timesheets available for
different classifications of employees (ex: full-time,
part-time, work-study, temporary)

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