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PIN number and PIN Ordering
February 2012
Microsoft - Partner Confidential Information
 Help you understand the key changes to the Order Pin
 Walk you through the changes in VOICE, CustomerSource and
Order Central
 Answer questions regarding the Order Pin
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 Benefits of PIN Orders
 The PIN Solution
 PIN Detail
 View or Changing a PIN (customer or partner)
 Placing a PIN Order
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Benefits of PIN Order
• Allows early engagement with the customer’s current partner permitting
consultation before the order creation
• Based on partner feedback another layer of security was requested to
protect customers
• Ability for non-partner of record to place orders online which allows for
faster order processing
• The Order PINs enables a partner to order an additional product line
under an existing customer account instead of setting up a new
customer record
• The Order PINs allow for Partner affiliates to place orders for their
customers without having to be a professional on the main location
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PIN Solution
As-Is Solution:
A non-partner of record can process an order for a customer if they have the
customer 4 digit PIN
To-Be Solution:
In addition to the 4 digit customer PIN, a 4 digit partner PIN is required to
process an order through a non-partner of record
• 2 PINs are not required for C5 orders
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PIN Detail
• The customer and partner PIN is 4 digits (numeric only)
• The PIN can be viewed or changed by the professional at the company with
the role of Customer Care Administrator.
• Only the customer PIN is required for C5 orders
• The PINs allow the non-partner of record to place an order for a customer.
They will not be able to see the customer record in VOICE including the
registration keys
• The customer PIN will change:
• Automatically after an order is processed using the PIN
• Automatically after a change of partner is processed
• Manually when the Customer Care Administrator changes it
• The partner PIN will change:
• Automatically after an order is processed using the PIN Codes
• Automatically after the Customer Care Administrator changes it
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Customer – View or Change PIN
The customer can view or change the PIN in CustomerSource
Select: My Account  Company Profile
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Partner – View or Change PIN
The partner can view or change the PIN in VOICE
Select: Organization  Company Info
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Processing an order in Order Central Using PINs
• Enter the following information in the Customer Search screen:
• Customer Account Number
• Customer Order PIN
• Partner Order PIN
• Click Search and if the information entered is correct the results will
show the customer
• The remainder of the order can be processed normally
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How can the customer receive their PIN if they are not on an active service
C5 customers can log into CustomerSource. They can see their PIN and account number.
For all other MBS customers, the Customer Care Administrator at the customer location will
contact their Regional Operations Center. The Regional Operations Center can only provide
the PIN to the Customer Care Administrator.
Once the Customer Care Administrator receives the PIN they can provide it to the partner.
Customers with product lines other than C5 cannot order additional modules if they are not on an
active service contract and would not have a need for the PIN.
How can a partner professional receive their PIN?
The partner would contact the professional in their company with Customer Care
Administrator access to get the PIN.
If the Regional Operations Center is contacted, the PIN would only be shared with the
Customer Care Administrator.
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FAQ - Continued
Who is legally liable to support the add-on / one off order if purchased via PIN
Can the Partner that uses the Order PINs see the order history of the
The Partner will only be able to view the history of the orders they have placed. They are
unable to see any other orders placed by another partner.
Should the PIN be used instead of processing a change of partner request?
The customer and partners would determine who is liable based on the agreement between
the customer and both partners.
The Order PIN’s intent is to be used on an exception basis for one time orders. It does not
take the place of processing a change of partner request. The change of partner request
needs to occur if the customer no longer wants to work with their original partner or if the
ordering partner wants to view the customer information including license keys and manage
Can the partner placing an order using the PIN receive the registration keys?
The partner placing a PIN order can request to the registration keys from the customer or the
partner of record for the customer. Microsoft cannot send a copy of the keys directly to the
partner even if the customer requests it. Legally we are prohibited from emailing the actual
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