Slovak Chamber of Auditors

Slovak Chamber of Auditors (SKAU)
(auditors- membership obligatory)
Slovak Chamber of Certificated Accountans
(certified accountans – membership
Slovak Chamber of Tax advisory (SKDP)
(tax advisors – membership obligatory)
Auditors and audit firms - membership
audit firms
2000 770
2008 843
2012 825
reduction of new admissions to the audit
Age structure of auditors- ranging from 50 to
65 years is 520 auditors
represent, protect and assert legitimate
interest of its members
carry out an audit quality assurance review
ensure and control the continuing education
of auditors and assistant auditors
make comments on draft legislation relating
to auditors activities
cooperate with the Authority regarding
Auditors and audit firms shall be subject to an
audit quality assurance review carried out by the
Chamber of Auditors through reviewers
appointed by the Chamber of Auditors.
An audit quality assurance review must be carried
out at least:
every three years with respect to an audit of a
public-interest entity;
every six years with respect to an audit of other
accounting entities.
The system of audit quality assurance reviews
shall be subject to oversight performed by the
Has taken in place in 2008 based on the Act
no. 540/2007 on Auditors, Audit and
Oversight of the Audit Performance
Authority shall perform oversight through
non-practitioners and auditors
the number of non-practitioners performing
oversight must exceed the number of
The Authority shall:
The Authority shall perform oversight of the
◦ organize auditor's examinations
◦ issue licenses
◦ register auditors and audit firms in the relevant registers
and maintain the relevant registers;
◦ compliance with International Auditing Standards; Code of
Ethics; and with the provisions of Act on Auditors;
◦ the system of audit quality assurance reviews conducted by
the Chamber of Auditors;
◦ continuing education;
◦ disciplinary procedures conducted by the Chamber of
and other
Expand the scope of the professional bodies
and their members activities towards market
stakeholders, public sector, goverment
The development of new services
(advisor role, assurance)
Enhance communication with membership
base (roundtable, FAQ-website)
Investment in the provisions of the technical
and other services to members (use new
Enhance cross-border cooperation
The sources of income of the Chamber of
Auditors consist of :
membership fees
registration fees, fees for entry tests
remuneration for services provided by the
Chamber of Auditors
revenue from fines, and other income.
The sources of income of the Authority
consist of:
◦ a contribution from the state budget in
accordance with the Act on the State Budget;
◦ annual contributions; (PIE 0,01% from the BC)
◦ revenue from fines
◦ compensation of costs of a procedure
◦ default interest
◦ fees for examinations and tests - auditors
◦ fees for acts performed by the Authority

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