Dr Daniel Wardleworth - Airedale Gp Training

Dr Daniel Wardleworth
GP Haworth Medical Practice
GPwSI MSK Airedale Consortia
What’s involved in GPwSI MSK work?
 Assessment and advice on a range of musculoskeletal
 Longer appointments
 Patient involvement
 Shared decision making
My experiences in becoming a GPwSI
 Brief history
 BACS Eccleshill
 In house clinic at Haworth
 GPwSI accreditation
 Airedale Consortia
 Good/Challenging bits
Brief history
 12 month community MSK post
 Lots of contact with physios, osteopaths and podiatrists
 Large education versus service component
 BIMM diploma course
 Many courses and conferences!
BACS Eccleshill 2005-2010
 One session per week
 Support and links with more experienced colleagues
 Educational meetings with secondary care clinicians
 Lack of investment in service
In house clinic at Haworth
 Practice based commisioning
 Triage and assess orthopaedic referrals
 Popular with patients
 Easier to reflect on patient journeys
 Re-investment in service – new couch / joint models
GPwSI accreditation
 Application to primary care trust
 Collecting evidence (patient feedback / audit /
reflective work)
 Consultant supporting letter
 Panel meeting
Airedale consortia service
 Set up with existing PBC services
 Four GPwSIs with One Extended Scope Physio
 Various locations
 Short waiting times
Good bits
 Confidence in dealing with large area of GP workload
 Working with enthusiatic and supportive colleagues
 Expanding knowledge area
 Empowering patients
 Drugs don’t work!
Challenging bits
 GP clinics filled with complicated MSK conditions
 Maintaining skills (no extra study leave)
 No separate appraisal system
 Building support/confidence with GP colleagues
How do I become a MSK GPwSI?
 Community MSK post
 Diploma course ?University of Bradford/BIMM
 Get a GP post
 Develop links/support in local area

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