Chapter 13 Section 3 and 4

13.3 AND 13.4
• Describe how the New Deal affected different groups in
American society
• Analyze how the New Deal changed the shape of
American party politics
• Discuss the impact of FDR on the presidency
Conservative Gain
• Economic downturn caused
republicans to pick up 7 Senate
and 75 House seats in 1938
Women Help Lead New Deal
• Eleanor Roosevelt: Changed what it
meant to be 1st Lady
• Toured nation, helped FDR campaign
• 1st female cabinet member-Sec. of
Labor Frances Perkins
African Americans and New Deal
• Eleanor very against discrimination
• Black Cabinet
• Advised FDR
• FDR did not always follow advice of
Black Cabinet
• Anti-lynching law, wouldn’t support
because he would lose the vote of
Southern Dems in congress
Native Americans and New Deal
• Indian New Deal
• Gave Native Americans economic
assistance and greater control over their
• Indian CCC
New Political Coalition
• New Deal Coalition: brought together
southern whites, northern blue-collar
workers, poor mid-western farmers,
and African Americans
• Before New Deal, African Americans
voted republican
• Coalition gave democrats majority in
Government Expands
• Welfare State: government assumes
responsibility for providing for the
welfare of the children and the poor,
elderly, sick, disabled, and
• “A country which no one is left out”
• Changed the role of the
presidency=more powerful!
Culture of the 1930s
• Escapism-movies were a form of escape,
people sought relief from concerns
• Federal Art Project-WPA created funding
for the arts. Gave jobs opportunities to

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