Stamp Collecting Presentation for Senior Living Community

Presented by the American Philatelic Society’s StampBuddy Program for {name of facility}, {City}, {State}
Look at the size, shape and colors of the stamps you
have just been given…
What countries are they from?
How old are they?
How much do you think they’re worth?
What was the world’s first stamp?
Where is it from?
What year was it created?
Whose picture is on it?
What were the first stamps in the US?
Whose pictures are on them?
What year were they created?
How are they different from today’s stamps?
One of the world’s rarest stamps from the
Governors Ball in Mauritius. Why does it look so
crude? Ooops. What went wrong?
At the dawn of aviation this
stamp was issued.
How did the airplane get upside
Why is it worth $250,000?
Is the stamp on the right an error?
Why is it reminiscent of Willy
Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?
Stamps tell wartime stories
Whose faces are on these stamps?
What are the symbols on the sides?
What do the symbols mean?
Why are there two prices listed?
Stamps show the transition from colonial times to independence
Which stamp was issued right after
the end of WWI?
Which stamp started out as a charity
Which stamp shows the name “Jewish
State” instead of “Israel”?
An early U.S. airmail stamp with map of the U.S.
100th Anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase.
This Chinese map stamp was never issued
because Taiwan is not colored red!
The few that exist are very rare.
Da Vinci’s Mona List on a 1952 stamp from West
A Greek fresco
The Goya Nude on a stamp from
Work on stamps any time, day or night in any
Food for the active mind.
Choose exactly what you’d like to collect.
Trade stamps with other residents and guests.
Buy stamps without traveling.
Great local stamp club and stamp shows.
Color, size and shape
Overall design
Method of printing
Papers vary
Used and unused
The world is your oyster. Collect the world!
Collect stamps from the U.S. (very popular)
Collect stamps from your family’s country
Collect stamps from the year of your birth
Collect the “Classical Period” 1840-1940
Collect stamps based on topics like:
Famous inventors
Embroidery on stamps
Animals and pets or insects on stamps
Shapes like triangles
Broadway shows on stamps
Bart Simpson on stamps (just kidding)
Clip stamps off envelopes.
Trade with other collectors.
Buy stamp mixtures.
APS Circuit books.
Go to stamp club meetings.
Go to stamp shows.
Stamp approvals.
Buy stamps online and
online auction site.
Glassine envelopes
Stock books
Stock cards
Buy a stamp album
Make your own stamp album
Stock Books
Linn’s Stamp News
American Philatelist
Scott Standard Postage
Stamp Catalog
Scott Classic
Your local stamp club: The
Oregon Stamp Society meets
twice a month and has its own
Northwest Philatelic Library
American Philatelic Research
Lots of stamp societies
Internet: Lots of stamp blogs
APS is the largest stamp society in the world with 33,000+
When you become an APS member you get:
The American Philatelist magazine every month
Free access to the American Philatelic Research Library
Stamp circuit books
Access to StampStore
StampBuddy Service (APS membership not required)
APS membership is recognized throughout the hobby as an
indicator of ethical dealing and integrity.
Applications available today.
StampBuddy is a national APS program that provides
mentors for new adult collectors.
You can have your own StampBuddy mentor
Your mentor will meet with you at your residence.
Teach you all about our hobby
Help you choose what to collect
Help you to attend meetings of the local stamp club
Guide you at local stamp shows like PIPEX.
1. Introduce yourself to today’s speaker and say that
you might like to collect stamps.
2. Complete the StampBuddy application.
3. A StampBuddy Mentor will be assigned to you.
4. Your mentor will contact you and schedule time to
meet with you.
5. Your mentor will never charge you for his services or
sell you any stamps or stamp supplies.
You’re on your way to joining the “hobby of kings”. Years
of fun and excitement lay ahead.
(Oh, and keep the stamps you got today even if you
decide not to collect.)

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