Steve Derrick, Product Specialist, Capita

Bursaries Development Workshop
- Steve Derrick
Capita FHE National Conference 13th – 14th May 2013
Some Questions
• Do we have anybody here today using the product?
• What are clients saying?
• Is the current product still fit for purpose?
• What is the product good at?
• What areas are weak?
• Are there any new requirements?
I am currently …
• Requirements gathering
• Reviewing the legacy product
• Talking to existing or potential clients to get ideas
• Determining the Scope
• Working towards a new application by November 2013
(PR3) including
 Replacement SFS product for the UK market
 Replacement Bursaries product for Scottish Market
What are clients saying?
“ The product does what it’s supposed to do but …”
“It’s a bit old fashioned looking”
“It’s a bit quirky”
“It needs to be more connected”
Quick demonstration of SFS
1. Student Award Application for Hardship
An application is made against the Hardship fund
2. Student Award Transaction for Hardship
One or more award transactions are made against the award
The user clicks on the ‘update profile’ button to generate an instalment plan
3. The Payment Schedule - BACS
Showing the progress of the payments
The number of instalments was
defined against the module in this
This plan was set up to be payable by BACS
4. Payment Schedules – Internal Transfer
This time showing details from an award application for childcare
The number of instalments is different
and note that the payments are via
internal transfer to the College Nursery
5. Payment Schedules – Paying an External Organisation
An award application for Childcare can be paid directly to the Nursery’s bank account
Clicking on Pay Details shows that the
payment was made directly to Stepping
Stones Nursery
6. Payment Schedules – Multiple Award Transactions
An award application can be made up of multiple amounts
Clicking on Breakdown shows that the
payment is made up from two award
transactions of Hardship and Childcare
Ideas so far
• Online application for bursaries by the student
• SMS text messaging or email notification for awards
• Specific screens e.g. Childcare
• Include the Appeals process
• Easier searches
• Keep payments to external organisations
• Include choice of ad hoc due dates for payment plans
• Determining ‘how much’ to award remains a manual
Other questions?
• Do we keep ‘manual loans’?
• Fund budget entries – and transfers between funds?
• Is the Funds Analysis useful?
• Are there any recurring problems in the current software
that we should know about?
• Any new reports?
How can you help further?
• All requirements and analysis is being input via an online
‘Board’ called Trello (www.
• Anybody can be invited
• Screen shots (e.g. new design prototypes) can be uploaded
• Clients can add comments and vote on decisions
• Requirements extracted into the project can be prioritised
and viewed
The Trello Board:
Any other questions?

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