Liberia’s Fragility
Ministry of Planning & Economic Affairs
1. Coordinating structure
2. Process & Methodology
3. Key outputs and findings
4. Challenges and Successes
5. Next Steps
6. Lessons learned
 A New Deal Task Force was established with
broad representation:
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Planning
Ministry of Justice
Peace Building Office
Governance Commission
Civil Society Organizations
Pilot Partners (USG and Sweden)
 New Deal Task Force constituted and assigned to various PSGs per area of
expertise (New Deal background information provided)
Technical Assistance from the USG to help pull the relevant documents together
and produce a draft assessment report.
A review of recommended planning documents, processes and draft report to
identify and reflect drivers of conflict:
(PRS1 document & PRS1 Assessment Report; National Vision 2030 documents;
Liberia Priority Plan (PBO); Governance Commission Evaluation reports, TRC report
Teams initially filled out assigned PSGs on the Spectrum and brought it back
to the Task Force for discussions to achieve consensus
Similar process followed for the indicator selection:
Teams assigned to PSGs were tasked to identify relevant indicators from existing
work and propose others where relevant.
The indicator work is still ongoing. More thorough work is required to select a
list of relevant and measurable indicators
DRAFT assessment report produced
DRAFT list of indicators produced
DRAFT fragility spectrum produced
Major finding so far:
Draft Spectrum so far places Liberia on the bottom half of the spectrum
 Definition of “Pilot”
Timing – process initiated during the budget process
Terminology – Need for clear definitions of certain terms (dimensions and
sub dimensions)
 Fragility Spectrum ( discrete or not?)
How to secure consensus on the stages of various PSGs
Participation – mobilizing stakeholders
Scope of interaction and consultations
Need for a clear strategy to communicate the New Deal at various levels
Need to determine what kind of technical support they require for the
Need for a coordinated approach to engage development partners at the
country level on the New deal
Need to allocate sufficient time for the process
Results from the validated fragility assessment could influence the
implementation of Agenda for Transformation implementation.
Undertake national awareness campaign on New
Secure TA to complete work on indicators
Prepare for and conduct validation of fragility
Draft a compact for the New Deal Pilot
Launch New Deal Implementation together with the
National Vision and the Agenda for Transformation

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