Data Management Plan Tool Version 2.0 Presentation

Sherry Lake
Data Management Consultant
Research Data Services
University of Virginia Library
October 21, 2014
Who’s Requiring Data Management?
Require a Data Management Plan (DMP)
Require Sharing of Results – per a Data
• National Science Foundation
• National Institutes of Health
• National Oceanographic and
Atmospheric Research (NOAA)
• Institute of Museum and Library
Services (IMLS)
• National Endowment of Humanities
– office of digital humanities (NEH)
• NEH – Preservation & Access
• IES – Institute of Education
This list is not inclusive.
Memo released February 22, 2013
• Direct results of federally funded scientific
research are made available…
• Federal research agencies funding more than
$100M/year must develop plan to make the
results (papers and data) of federally funded
research available to the public within one year
of publication
Update March 2014
• All required agencies have submitted plans
• OMB & OSTP reviewed and commented on plans
• Agencies working to identify infrastructure
solutions to support their plans
• Department of Energy’s plan has been released
• Expecting some before the end of 2014
Goals of the DMPTool
I. To provide researchers a simple way to
create a DMP for their funding agency
• Questions asked by the agency
• Additional explanation/context provided by the
• Links to the agency website for policies, help,
Goals of the DMPTool
II. To provide researchers with DMP
information from their home institution
• Resources and services to help them manage
• Help text for specific questions
• Suggested answers to questions; easy to cut-Npaste
Log in
Select Institution
You will be redirected UVa’s
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overview of
Create new DMP
Start a new
OR Copy an
existing DMP
Select Funder
Fill out basic
about the plan
Export plan .rtf, .pdf
Preview plan
Goes to
t for
UVa Data Management Plan Support
To ensure that all NSF proposals coming out of the
University of Virginia meet the data management plan
requirements, researchers are encouraged to consult
with staff in the U.Va. Library's Data Management
Consulting Group (DMConsult).
Benefits of DMConsult Reviewing DMPs:
• Helps researcher understand what is required
• Make sure the plan meets requirements
• Make sure the sharing plan can be implemented
• ALL DMPs reviewed by DMConsult before
– Provide feedback on submitted DMPs
• More researchers to use the DMPTool
• Include DMConsult services in notices
sent out through your Grants Admin list
Data Management Consulting Group
Research Data Services
University of Virginia Library
[email protected]

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