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Strong Learning Intentions,
Good Success Criteria AND
Interdisciplinary Learning –
How do we put it all together?
Y McBlain
13th February 2013
Learning Intentions
Participants will:
• Understand how to create Learning
Intentions and Success Criteria for
interdisciplinary projects
• Explore how to build effective
assessment into connected learning
Success Criteria
Participants will:
• select Learning Intentions which enable pupils
to make relevant connections across learning
• be able to create Success Criteria which
progress and deepen pupil learning
• understand how planning guidance can support
effective interdisciplinary learning
What will we do?
Group formation
Challenge Tasks x 2
Peer sharing of learning
Interdisciplinary Planning
Reflection and evaluation of next steps
Exit Pass
Let’s get started!
• Group formation – put the jigsaw back together
• Meet & greet (not the Scots version)
• Share your funniest work anecdote
5 minute challenges 1- 4
1. Effective planning challenge
2. All about learning intentions
3. Let’s tackle success criteria
4. What is interdisciplinary learning?
Please complete 2 challenges of your choice
Listen for the timer!!
What’s next for you?
• Briefing paper 4 for Interdisciplinary Learning?
• Power point notes for Learning Intentions and
Success Criteria
• National Guidance for effective planning – NAR
flow chart, authority planning triangle?
• National & Local CPD resources – see links
• Glow groups galore – Falkirk and national
The NAR Planning Flowchart
The Planning Triangle
Interdisciplinary Planning Time
• Modelling start of planning process for IDL
• Use familiar context
• Pick out the essentials for deep learning
Your turn now
• Carry on developing that plan
• OR
• Develop your own team plan for the same
• OR
• Write a plan for a different IDL context which
follows the NAR flow chart/planning triangle
• What should our Success Criteria for this task
Peer Feedback on Plans
• Use success criteria as focus for your feedback
• Share the positives
• Help each other to find the best next steps
• Complete your exit pass
Further information:
• National Assessment Resource
• Learning Intentions & Success Criteria
• Education Scotland IDL advice
• Education Scotland Approaches to Learning advice
• IDL glow group

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