E-Mail Marketing
PE: Understand the use of direct marketing
to attract attention and to build brand.
PI: Explain the nature of e-mail marketing tactics
E-Mail Marketing
• E-Mail Marketing - Sending promotional
messages across computer networks.
• Keep in-touch with current customers
• Educate consumers
• Build brand awareness
• Enhance business image
• Sell Products
• Engage in viral marketing
Common Uses of E-Mail Marketing
• Businesses often use e-mail marketing for:
– Announcements
– Newsletters
– Bulletins
– Suggestion selling
– Reminder service
– Handling requests
– Obtaining feedback
– Order confirmations
• Getting customers to talk about the
company/products/message with other people
• Create a Discussion
• Usually through interesting or funny messages
E-Mail Marketing Options
• Opt-In (Permission-Based)
– Customer grants a business permission to send them
promotional e-mails, product announcements, or
– Subscriptions : Most common use of opt-in e-mail
• Double Opt-In
– Requires recipients to confirm that
they want to be a registered email subscriber.
– Upon completing the subscription process, individuals
receive an e-mail that they must respond to in order to be
added to the list of subscribers.
E-Mail Marketing Options
• Opt-Out
– Customers have the option to stop receiving emails
– E-mail contains an explanation of the process that
to be removed from the list.
• This e-mail is a Best Buy advertisement. If you no longer wish to receive our
marketing e-mails, unsubscribe here. If you have difficulty with the
unsubscribe link, you may also send an e-mail to
[email protected] For more information, read our Privacy
Policy or call 1-888-BEST BUY.
E-Mail Marketing Options
– Unsolicited (unwanted) junk e-mail sent out to
advertise a product.
– Spam bogs down networks and wastes time.
– Companies send out in large quantities
Benefits of E-Mail Marketing
• Reduced Time and Effort
• Cheaper
– Avg Direct Mail = $20,000
– Avg Email = $1,000
Real-Time Messages
Personalized Messages
No Paper
More Frequent Messages
– Shouldn’t be more than once a week
• Split class into 10 Groups and have each group
research a benefit of E-Mail Marketing
– Each group must present their information to the
class including:
• Tell us about the benefit
• Two examples of the benefit
• Why it is so important
Challenges of E-Mail Marketing
Customer lists
Duplicate e-mails
• Angry recipients
Undeliverable e-mails • Managing lists
Obtaining responses
Spreading viruses
Battling filters
Plain Text E-Mail Marketing
• Most often email is plain text.
• Words on a screen. (No multi-media)
• The key to successful text-based e-mails is
proper formatting.
– Sections are separated by lines.
– Text is left ( ) aligned
– Hard returns are used at the end of each sentence
or paragraph.
HTML E-Mail Marketing
• HTML - Hypertext Markup Language
• E-mails that contain colorful logos, graphics,
background designs, animations, sound, banner ads
– It takes longer for HTML e-mails to load than plain-text emails.
– Not all e-mail clients support HTML.
Capabilities of E-Mail Marketing
• Depend on the type of software that is used.
– Non-interactive content
• Plain-text e-mail used to correspond among friends,
family members, and coworkers
– Links
• Within the message
• Link a word, graphic, or other element to another place
within the e-mail.
• To web sites
• Link from somewhere within the e-mail to a web site.
Capabilities of E-Mail Marketing
• Attachments
– An attachment is a file sent with an e-mail.
– (Word document, PowerPoint presentation, jpg photo)
• Streaming media
– Delivers sound, video, or animations
– Play when the recipient opens the message or clicks on a
“play” button.
– Expensive and needs a High-Speed Connection
• Individualized addresses
– Individual e-mail address in the “To” field
– This helps businesses to personalize e-mail
– Readers feel that they’re the only ones receiving e-mail.
Capabilities of E-Mail Marketing
• Personalization
– Inserting personal information within an e-mail message.
• such as name, title, and purchasing history
• Make customers feel unique and special
• Automated
– E-mail software can function automatically
– (send personalized e-mails to entire customer list or create list of
undeliverable addresses)
• Autoresponders
– Automatically replies to incoming emails
– Common uses:
• Confirm orders and newsletter subscriptions
• Make customers aware that the business person is unavailable until a certain
• Choose a sport/event product. (Game, Season
Tickets, Concert, Merchandise) Create an email
marketing campaign to promote your product. Send
the email to me if possible.
– Be sure to determine the type of email you are going to
– Will there be any opt-in/double opt-in/autoresponders?
– Include a combination of links, streaming video,
attachments , and individualization.
– Answer the following questions separately:
– Who is the target audience?
– What types of advertisements are normally used to market
the sport/event product?
– What are the benefits of using e-mail to market the
sport/event product?
– Is the e-mail promotion effective? Why or why not?

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