WHS Powerpoint

Take Control of Your
Silent Reading
Time = Results
Total Reading Plus Time: 42hrs, 31 min
Guided Reading™
Total Time: 28hrs, 39 min
Initial I-Rate: 174 wpm
Final I-Rate: 275 wpm
I-Rate Gain: 101 wpm
Initial G-Rate: 174 wpm
Final G-Rate: 323 wpm
G-Rate Gain: 149 wpm
Starting Level: HiB
Ending Level: H
Avg Lessons/Week: 6.1 (110 Lessons Completed)
Level Gain: 6.0
Avg Comp: 70 %
Time = Results
Total Reading Plus Time: 42hrs, 31 min
Total Words Read: 88,184
Total # of 70% Lessons: 63
Student Testimonies
 “I feel more confident myself when I read…Now I can read at a
decent pace and understand what I am reading.”
 “This program is a great opportunity for kids to better their
reading level and become a greater reader.”
 “Even though it was boring it has improved my reading
 “This program has been helpful in my vocab and reading skills.”
 “I can read more words per minute. I understand what I am
reading better.”
You will need….
 Java: www.java.com (Free Download)
 Internet Explorer (Is most compatible.)
 Strategies:
 Reread – will assist comprehension (Goal 70%)
 100% Engagement
 Read passages in order (or at least very close)
 Goals: 30 mins. X 4 days/week
or 45 mins. X 3 days/week
What’s Next….
 Headphones
 Do your best! It
determines where
you begin!
 Continue at your
current Reading Plus
placement in your new
Site Code: wataugaread
What’s Next….
Note “Total Reading Plus Time”
and “Total Words Read”
Click on the “My Progress”
tab to view your progress.

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