on the Gartner Technical Professional Services

Gartner for Technical Professionals
Ensuring Successful Execution of Your IT Strategy
University of Pennsylvania
Onboarding and Service Kickoff Information
October 16, 2013
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Gartner for Technical Professionals delivers comprehensive insight
across the following areas
Security & Risk
Key Functions
Security & Risk
Identity & Privacy
• Identity creation and management
• Identity verification and use
• Privacy
Data Center
Infrastructure &
Mobility & Wireless
Business Intelligence &
Information Management
Data Management
Collaboration & Content
Application Platform
Application and data security
Cloud security
Mobile security
Perimeter and infrastructure security
Computing hardware
Cloud and virtualization
Physical data center
Mobile device management
Network performance optimization
Real-time and unified communications
WANs and LANs
Wireless and mobility
Big data
Business intelligence
Data management
Database management
Collaboration and social initiatives
Communication, email, IM
Content management
SharePoint and portals
Application overhaul
Applications in the cloud
Mobile applications
Software development
SOA and integration strategies
Gartner for Technical Professionals Topic Coverage
• Access Management
• Data Loss Prevention
• Physical Data Center
• Application and Database Security • Data Management, Governance
• Platform as a Service
• Application Integration
• Database Management
• Privacy
• Application Development
• Desktop Virtualization
• Professional Effectiveness
• Application Platforms, Languages
and Frameworks
• Directories
• Public Cloud Computing
• Disaster Recovery, Availability
• Risk Management and Compliance
• Encryption
• Security Monitoring
• Enterprise Mobility
• Server Virtualization
• Federation
• SharePoint and Portals
• Host and Endpoint Protection
• SOA and Application Architecture
• Hybrid IT
• Social Initiatives
• Identity Management
• Software Development Life Cycle
• Infrastructure as a Service
• Storage
• Internal Cloud Computing
• VoIP
• iPad and Mobile Devices
• Unified Communications
• Mobile Application Development
• WANs and Provider Network
• Audit and Compliance
• Authentication
• Big Data
• Business Intelligence
• Business Process Management
• Cloud Computing
• Collaboration
• Communications, Messaging
• Contact Center
• Content Management
• Content Security
• Data Analytics
• Network Operations and
Performance Management
• Data Center Computing Hardware • Perimeter and Infrastructure
• Web Conferencing
• Wireless and Mobility
Using Gartner for Technical Professionals
• 60-minute analyst calls for
all project phases –
planning, design, vendor
criteria, execution
• “Retained consulting” –
consider GTP as an
extension of your team, and
an opportunity to forego
short-term consulting
• Document review –
analysts will review and
provide feedback on your
plans and architecture
• Tap into Gartner’s Peer
Connect network
• Engage with analysts and
peers at Catalyst
Conference (July)
• Apply Reference
Architecture – leverage
prebuilt architecture designs,
and to set standards and
document technical positions
• Guidance Framework
reports offer step-by-step
recommendations for major
• What’s worked elsewhere?
Read Field Research for
insight into real-world
• Read annual Planning
Guides for trends and
recommendations across nine
different major areas
Detailed research for every phase of the projects to
execute your IT strategy
• Planning Guides – Market Trends and Priorities
• Solution Paths – How to implement new solutions
• Reference Architecture Decision Points – Choose
technical architecture
• Reference Architecture Templates – Editable
Architecture diagrams
• Evaluation Criteria – Prioritized product requirements
Select Products
• Assessments – Product scored against the criteria
• Guidance Framework – Step-by-step guidance to
tackle a specific challenge or implementation
• Field Research – How your peers are implementing
Onboarding Webinars – Service Overview and
Training (Live Sessions)
Wednesday, October 23 2013
Thursday, October 24 2013
Wednesday, November 6 2013
Thursday, November 7 2013
Wednesday, November 20, 2013
Thursday, November 21 2013
Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Thursday, December 5 2013
Wednesday, December 18 2013
Thursday, December 19 2013
10:00 AM EDT
2:00 PM EDT
10:00 AM EDT
2:00 PM EDT
10:00 AM EDT
2:00 PM EDT
10:00 AM EDT
2:00 PM EDT
10:00 AM EDT
2:00 PM EDT
Or view archived Training Video:
GTP - Updating Alerts
• Gartner Portal was updated in October 2013.
• IT Users who previously established “Alerts” in old
portal will need to re-establish them in new portal.
• Go to “Create New Tracks” section of the new portal
• If required, IT Users should re-establish their Alerts in
GTP by October 31st.
• ISC will reach out to all impacted users, and will
facilitate this effort.
• IT Users will need to be logged into GTP in order to
directly access information referenced in the Alert.
• Any questions, please contact Peggy Yetter
([email protected])
Next Steps
• Provide completed template** to Lanese Rogers
[email protected]
• Training: Attend Onboarding or View Video
• Sign-on to GTP Website:
• Follow up on your initiatives
- Research
- Schedule requested analyst calls
- Other activities
• Update Alerts by Oct 31st (If required; see Slide 7)
• Share your feedback on GTP with ISC
** Only if you have IT Staff who are NOT in an IT salary band
GTP Account Management
Penn ISC Contacts
Gartner Contacts
Gary Delson (ISC Finance & Planning)
[email protected]
Eileen Ramer (Account Executive):
[email protected]
Mark Wehrle (ISC N&T Operations)
[email protected]
Marcus Shrewsbury (Research Assistant)
[email protected]
Peggy Yetter (ISC N&T Operations)
[email protected]
Analyst Inquiries and Research
Contact Info
To Schedule GTP analyst
inquiry, and Find GTP
written research…
• Contact: Marcus Shrewsbury (Client Research
Assistant); Tel +1 801 307 5321;
[email protected];
• Send email to [email protected] or
[email protected]
• Call 866.572.4025 or +1.801.307.5353

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