About AuxLMS - Sector Baltimore

Bruce Johnson, ADSO-MT (Sector Baltimore)
[email protected]
 Know what AuxLMS is and why it has been
 Know how to access AuxLMS
 Know what member training courses are
required of everyone
 Know what other member training courses
are available
What is AuxLMS?
 The Auxiliary Learning Management System
(AuxLMS) is a Coast Guard-developed
computer system that provides online
training to all Auxiliarists
 AuxLMS makes it possible for Auxiliarists to
take required training whenever and
wherever they like.
What is AuxLMS?
 AuxLMS was initially rolled out with 8 courses
that are required of all Auxiliarists
 Incident Command System (ICS-210) has
been posted
 Additional courses will be added over time
 Course completion is automatically recorded
in AuxDATA once a week
How to access AuxLMS
 AuxLMS https://auxlearning.uscg.mil/
 User name: your primary email address in
 You must have an email address that you are not
sharing with another Auxiliarist
 If you don’t have a unique email address in
Auxdata, set one up and report it to your FSO-IS
with ANSC-7028.
How to access AuxLMS
 Password
 Fill in your email address in the User Name field
 Click the “I forgot my password” link under the
Login button; this will open a popup
On the popup, fill in the User Name field; click the
Submit button
You will receive an email from [email protected] with a password
Return to https://auxlearning.uscg.mil and login
Change your password once you’re in
How to access AuxLMS
 Once you are in and have changed your
password …
 Click the Auxiliary link midway down the page
 Click the Auxiliary Mandated Training midway
down the page
 Click on the course number you would like to
What AuxLMS courses are required?
 Complete during the 1st year of enrollment &
every 5 years:
 DHS together – Resilience training
 Security education
 Privacy at DHS / Protecting personal information
 Sexual harassment prevention
 Sexual assault prevention & response
 Civil rights awareness
What AuxLMS courses are required?
 Complete during the 1st year of enrollment:
 Ethics 1 / Personal Gifts
 Influenza training
 New Auxiliarists must complete all 8 AuxLMS
courses within their 1st year.
 Auxiliarists enrolled before 2013 have until 31
December 2016 to complete all 8 courses.
What other MT courses are available
on AuxLMS?
 Incident Command System (ICS 210)
 Federal Cyber Awareness Challenge
 More will be posted over time
Final word
 AuxLMS is written to be accessed using the
current release of Internet Explorer (IE). It will
mostly work on other browsers (like Firefox),
but some functions don’t work on all
 If you run into trouble (several have
experienced trouble finishing tests), switch to
a different web browser.
 Always use the current release of your
Where can I get help?
 AuxLMS https://auxlearning.uscg.mil/
 AuxLMS announcement on Chief Director’s website
 AuxLMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
 Need additional assistance or report problem

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