Year 10 target setting evenings

Welcome to our Year 10 target
setting evening
March 2015
What we will cover this evening?
• Distribution of progress report and
attendance data
• Explanation of progress report and attendance
• Key dates in the Year 10 calendar
• Next steps and the sixth form
• Opportunity to set targets
What does the progress report
• The autumn grade: the grade your daughter was assessed as working at in
November 2014
• A current grade: the grade your daughter is currently working at
• A predicted grade : the grade teachers feel your daughter will achieve in
2016 based on her current rate of progress
• A challenging target grade (the minimum grade we feel she should aim to
• % attendance to date
• GCSE grades go from A*-U
• Where a current grade is lower than the autumn grade, please remember
that subjects assess different skills and knowledge at each assessment
• Where the predicted grade is lower than the target grade, action plans
will have been created in each subject area
Why does this report matter?
• An important milestone towards summer exams
• They tell us as teachers where your strengths are
and what you need to do to improve
• We are now over half way through the first year
of GCSE studies so these grades will help to focus
• GCSE Core Science students face a ‘live’ GCSE
exam this summer
Why do your English and Maths
results matter?
• Students who get a C or better in both English
and Maths, along with at least 3 other GCSE
qualifications will have a wider range of Post-16
• Students who get a C or better in both English
and Maths, along with at least 3 other GCSE
qualifications earn a higher average salary than
those who don’t
• Increased job security and employability
English update
• Ms Whitehead, Curriculum leader for English
Two Pathways in English
English Language GCSE
English Literature GCSE
English GCSE
English Language/Literature GCSE
English Language
60% Two x 1hr exams
40% Controlled assessment (4 written)
3 spoken assessments recorded on certificate as
separate grade.
English Literature
70% Two x 2hr exams
30% Controlled assessment (1 written)
How to achieve success in English
• Approach each controlled assessment as a
mini exam- marks contribute to your overall
• Read widely – set texts, fiction, non- fiction
• Take every opportunity to enhance learning
• Attendance
• It’s never too early start exam preparation
Sciences update
• Mrs Hayward, Curriculum leader for Sciences.
• Mr. McBurney, KS4 Co-ordinator.
Three Pathways in GCSE Sciences
Separate Sciences in Biology, Chemistry and Physics (worth 3
11Sc1 pupils
- Currently completing units B1/C1/P1.
- Next progress tests B1/C1/P1 Mocks after Easter.
- Due to start B2/C2/P2 after Easter.
- SIX progress tests completed so far in Y10 in total.
- Developing skills in HSW ready for CAs in Y11.
- NO GCSE external papers this summer!
Three Pathways in GCSE Sciences
Core and Additional Sciences (worth 2 GCSEs).
11Sc2/3/4/5/6 pupils
- Currently completing units B1/C1/P1.
- Progress tests on B1/C1/P1 before Easter.
- Due to complete B1/C1/P1 in early May.
- Mocks in May.
- Already completed Core Science CA in February
(25% of GCSE).
- Entries made at Higher or Foundation level.
External GCSE papers:
(All 1 hour)
5th June 2015 (pm) Biology 1
9th June 2015 (pm) Chemistry 1
12th June 2015 (pm) Physics 1
Three Pathways in GCSE Sciences
Core Science (worth 1 GCSE).
11Sc7 pupils
- Currently completing units B1/C1/P1.
- Progress tests on B1/C1/P1 before Easter.
- Developing skills in HSW ready for CA.
- NO GCSE external papers this summer!
GCSE Sciences Support
Revision sessions already operating for B1/C1/P1 and more available after
Easter (lunchtimes and after-school).
Intervention day for CA after Easter – for those significantly below their target
Core Science Revision Guides available in school (£3.00) from Biology Prep.
Revision materials available from individual staff.
Past papers and mark schemes available from AQA website.
On-line revision materials.
Key dates
Y10 parents evening Wednesday 11th March (4pm-6pm)
Controlled Assessments ongoing
Mission week w/c 21st April
Year 10 exams begin 15th June
Employability interviews Summer term
Year 10 reports issued July 2015
Holidays (use time wisely)
• Fri 3/04/15– 20/04/15c inclusive (Easter
break, pupils return on Tuesday 21st April)
• Mon 25/05/14 – 29/05/14 (May Half Term)
• End of term Friday 17th July
Post-16 options
• Mrs Allerston, Head of Sixth Form
Why Bellerive?
• 99% Pass Rate at A level
• Excellent record for successful transition to
Further and Higher Education
• Well-qualified and committed teachers
• Excellent facilities and resources
• Specialist college for mathematics, sciences
computing and applied learning
• Excellent care, guidance and support
Bellerive FCJ Sixth Form Centre
Curriculum Offer
A full range of a level subjects including some
new subjects that you will not have studied before ………..
• Media studies
• Psychology
• Government and Politics
• Health and Social Care
28 courses on offer across the Partnership
Bellerive FCJ Sixth Form Centre
The Five Point Plan For Making Your Post 16 Choices
1. Know what you want to study? – Check out
the entry requirements
2. Not sure yet? – Keep your options open!
3. Think balance
4. GCSEs and other standard level qualifications
5. Make sure you know WHY?
Bellerive FCJ Sixth Form Centre
Entry Requirements
If you achieve 5 GCSEs at A*- C you can take AS
Levels in Year 12.
In addition, each subject has specific entry
Some subjects, for example, require a B at GCSE
Bellerive FCJ Sixth Form Centre
Wider Opportunities
Leadership Opportunities
University visits
Sixth Form Council
Duke of Edinburgh
Mock United Nations
Oxbridge Preparation Programme
Bellerive FCJ Sixth Form Centre
Bellerive FCJ Sixth Form Centre
What can parents do to help with
GCSE studies in general?
• Encourage your daughter to attend extra support
• Ensure there is a suitable study location at home
• Minimise her time on social networking and the
• Make sure you have a copy of the homework
timetable displayed at home
• Continue to support us in making sure your
daughter attends school and is punctual
• Contact us with any concerns
…you could do your homework
wherever, whenever – even with no
…you could do
your homework
on a computer
…your homework was
packed with animations
and activities, not just
Wouldn’t you
love it if…
…you got a mark straight
away and could then try to
improve your score?
…your homework
explained bits you
got wrong?
…you always knew what
homework to do, and when?
To log in to Doddle, go to and click
on the login button at the top.
Enter your school name, username and password.
Your teacher will be able to remind you of your
username and password at the end of this assembly
Accessing Doddle
• Institution: Bellerive FCJ Catholic College L8 3SB
• Username: school email address OR Doddle shorted username of
firstnamesurnameyearstarted (as explained below)
• Initial password: bellerive
• Passwords can be reset by clicking the ‘forgotten password’ link
• Usernames for all students, if they chose not to use email address, is
firstnamesurnameyearstarted as detailed below (current year 10’s will
end with 10)
• janesmith10
What happens next?
• Please complete the target setting sheet and pass this
in to us before you leave
• Action plans are being produced for students who are
in danger of underperforming in each subject area
• Please collect a parent information booklet, a revision
booklet and a study timetable
• This PowerPoint will be available on the school website
• Many thanks for taking the time to attend this evening
• We will see you again on Wednesday 11th March for
Y10 parents evening

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