Food System Security and Sustainability

Food System
Brief Remarks
2014 State Food Policy Summit
Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4H Center
The Ohio State University
May 27th, 2014
Hon. Paula Brooks
Franklin County Commissioner
Member, President’s Task Force on
Climate Preparedness and Resilience
National Climate Assessment Briefing
Dr. John Holdren, Chief Advisor to
President Obama for Science and
Technology: Any short term gains in
agriculture are outweighed by more
pests, inundation, heat, and drought
3rd Meeting in Des Moines, Iowa on 5/14/14 at the historic
World Food Prize LEED Platinum building
USA and Ohio’s Largest Industry:
OHFOOD & Thomas
Sporleder: 2010 study
finding Agriculture is $11.7
billion or 11.7% of Ohio’s
economic output, making it
the largest industry
In Ohio, the agrifood
industry accounts for 14% of
total employment (1 in 7
Food System Security/Sustainability
Highlighted Focus
Initial observations:
• Conserve existing agricultural lands
• Protect agricultural lands from
increased pressures of invasive
plants, pests, and disease
• Protect agricultural lands form
extreme heat, precipitation,
droughts, and flooding
Commissioner Brooks discusses Task Force with Mayor
Brainard, Mayor Zimmer, and Gov. Quinn (IL)
Food System Security/Sustainability
Possible recommendations:
Crop diversification to ensure that
the food system is more resilient to
climate change impacts by
interrupting pest and weed life
cycles, reducing the amount of
herbicides and pesticides entering
the environment, and by
encouraging diverse soil biota
Building and supporting local food
infrastructure to prepare for climate
impacts and create resiliency
Local level food “supply chain”
review and update to accommodate
growth/loss of population
Encourage federal investment in
farm training and technology:
America’s average farmer age is 58!
Franklin County Food System
• Franklin County’s first
community garden at Gantz
Road (2009)
• Central Ohio Local Food
Assessment and Plan (2010)
• Fresh Foods Here: Healthy
Retailing Options for Central
Ohio (2013)
• Resolution 809-13 solidified
Franklin County’s
commitment building a
strong and resilient local
food system (2013)
• Your feedback?
The Commissioners pass resolution 809-13 joined by members of
the Franklin County Local Food Policy Council in October 2013
We need your fresh ideas on how to remove barriers,
shift investments, and build resilience!
Paula Brooks
Franklin County, Commissioner
Member, President’s Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience
Chair, Energy/Renewables Subcommittee for Energy Environment and Land Use
Steering Committee, National Association of Counties
373 S. High St., 26th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
[email protected]
Fresh Foods Here: Healthy Retailing Options for Central Ohio (2013)
Central Ohio Local Food Assessment and Plan (2010) :
Commissioners Adopt Local Food Policy:

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