English 255

English 255
Meeting 2
Open your eyes to messages around you.
Reading Journals
• Discussion (20 points for presenting your ideas)
– Additional 5 points per response to another
student’s ideas
an argument
with readings
Participation Required:
30 pts
• http://jeopardylabs.com/play/jeopardy-english-255-week-2-quiz
Chapter 1:
Everything is an Argument
• Examine the world around you.
• There are subtle (and not so subtle)
messages: they tell you to be a certain
way, look a certain way, live a certain
way, think a certain way or trust a
certain group/product.
• What argument is this poster making?
Is everything an
argument? Pg 36
1.What kinds of
arguments – if anymight be made by
these items? Choose 1 or all
Deliverable: Group Oral
presentation to class
• s
Messages around us:
Assignment,pg 36
4. What common
experiences – if any- do
the following objects,
brand names, and
symbols evoke and for
what audiences in
particular? Choose 1 or all
Deliverable: Group Oral
presentation to class
Logos/ Logical appeals
Emotional appeals
Ethical appeals
We’ll be going in depth on each one in the next chapters
Emotions one
might appeal to
Chpt 2: Pathos
• More effective when persuading
than when arguing –
not just agreeing, but taking action!
• Build bridges – convince audience that you understand their experiences
• Sustain an argument – make logical claims stronger/more memorable
• Humor? – put readers at ease, deal with sensitive issues, admit problems,
OR come off in bad taste, insulting, derogatory.
Emotional appeals
• Review advertisements in two
• Classify by types of emotional
• Who is the intended audience?
• What is the message? What
types of emotions are the ads
Group assignment.
appealing to?
Deliverable: oral
presentation by group
What specific emotions do the following slogans, sales pitches and maxims appeal?
Just do it. – Nike
Group assignment.
Think different – Apple
Deliverable: oral
Reach out and touch someone - AT&T
presentation by group
Yes we can! – Barak Obama
Country first. – John McCain
By any means necessary. – Malcom X
Have it your way. – Burger King
You can trust your car to the man who wears the star. – Texaco
It’s everywhere you want to be – Visa
Know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing! – Calvin Klein jeans
Don’t mess with Texas! – Texas antilitter campaign.
Chpt 3: Ethos
Character/Credibility Appeals
• WE can’t begin to fathom the depths of each individual argument/cause in
life, so we turn to “experts” – Dr.s, lawyers, teachers, pastors for wise,
well-informed, honest advice.
• Authority on THIS issue
• Trustworthy/credible on THIS issue
• Motives?
• Can work in 2 ways:
establish or question the credibility
What does s/he
know about the
experiences set
him/her above
others in this?
Why should I
pay attention to
this writer?
•Respect for
•Present yourself
•Connect your
own beliefs to
What interests
are they serving?
How will s/he
profit from this?
Put it to use!
Yh_eGw4zuZQ Diet pills
2007/7/24/crazydiet-pillcommercial337424 - diet pills
1 - 20/20
Compare these commercials.
Who stars in them?
Who is credible?
How do they try to build credibility?
Ethos (credibility) Assignment:
read, decide, present to class
Authority and Credibility
• Whenever you draw on another source of information, it’s important that
you consider how your audience will respond. On the handout are a
number of different celebrities.
• Review the handout. Choose 2-5 people on the list to examine.
• What audiences respect them and would accept them as legitimate
sources of information in their areas of expertise? Who would distrust
Group assignment.
Deliverable: oral
presentation by group
Project: Choose ONE of these
Due: End of class tonight.
Analyze an advertisement
Choose an advertisement. Analyze
it, writing the answers to:
1. What is the product/service?
2. Who is the audience? Give as
many details as you can
3. How does the piece use pathos
4. Discuss the ethos of the piece.
Create an advertisement (pg 68 #4)
• Develop a one-page print
advertisement for a product
or service that you use
often (or a political position)
1. Choose a spokesperson
who seems least likely to
endorse your product.
2. Submit 1 set of responses:
how are you using pathos?
How is ethos addressed?
Group assignment. Deliverables: oral presentation by
group. 1 pg analysis handed in

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