Be STRONG Non-Profit organization for the support of people

Non-Profit organization
Brief Profile
September 2013
Be STRONG Founders
• Was founded on October 2007 in Greece with the submission of
The Articles of Association in the court of Athens with No. 16312
• Founder of the organization is Panagiotis Michail which has
survived twice from cancer and through his personal experience
was inspired the creation of Be Strong organization
• Cofounders are a small group of people that have lived through
friends and families the inadequacy of the Greek National Health
Services towards people with cancer:
1. Panagiotis Michail Graduate of University of Athens in Physical Education and
Sport Science currently working as aerobics trainer
2. Ioanna Anagnostopoulou
3. Nikolaos Savouris, MSc in Mechanical Engineering currently working as
Mechanical Engineer in Athens
4. Aggeliki Panagiotopoulou
5. Eugenia Dimou
Panagiotis Michail
• A future where all people will have equal access to the information and
the support they need in order to fight cancer with certainty released from
the mentality of the society that sets aside people with cancer
• People awareness on cancer and the prevention methods will help face
cancer as a disease that can be cured as long as you have the willingness
and means to do it
• Unite people involved with cancer in order to succeed more in the
awareness of the society that leads to prevention and eventually saves
• Offer for free all our services, information access and support to the
people involved with cancer and their families that the Greek state
unfortunately does not offer
Be STRONG Web Site
• January 2008 creation of our web site
with reliable information related to cancer, health, dietary and
psychosocial support online through the web
• Awarded by the European School of Oncology under the European
competition “Cancer on the Internet” the Mention of Honour for
• End of 2012 web site had 2.654.132 unique visitors according to
Google analytics making it probably the most visited page related to
cancer in Greece
• The Site is continuously updated giving new info with the voluntary
help of psychologists and doctors
Be STRONG Help Line
• 18th of January was set in operation for the 1st time in Greece a national
help line (1069) which offers free psychosocial support to people involved
with cancer
• The phone line is supported by professional health psychologists
• A high tech call center is supporting the psychologists’ efforts which with
the use of computer technology & high tech software records important
data from the patients. This way a continuation of the psychologists work
is achieved making the caller feel closer to the psychologist since when a
patient will call back the full history of the patient will be available on the
screen of the psychologist that answers the call
• The cost of the equipment for the help line was covered by Stavros
Niarchos Foundation through a donation
• On February 2012 up to January 2013 the help line operated for the first
time on a 24h base supported by 7 health psychologists again through
another donation by Stavros Niarchos Foundation
• From February 2013 the help line operates on a 12h base
• On 2007 Panagiotis Michail writes a book that
describes through his personal experience the
ways he found to fight cancer and the Greek
society conceptions. The book is a testimonial
about the love of live and the human willingness
that can do miracles
• The English version of the book was published in
2013 and it can also be found in the Amazon web
book store
BE Strong TV Spot
• On February of 2011 with the voluntary work of
people working in media a TV Spot that described
the Be Strong organization was made
• 2011 and 2012 all the Greek TV channels
accepted to play the spot free of any charge
during different days and hours
• TV Spot Link:
Be STRONG Collaborations
• September of 2011 and for a whole year in a
cooperation with the Cypriot Non-Profit
organization for cancer “ΕΛΑΖΩ” Be Strong
help line offered free support to patients from
Cyprus through the number 1469
Be STRONG in House Support
For people who wish to come in direct contact with us, an
area of 180 sq.m. has been created in Kypseli-Athens where
people can participate on a weekly basis with our health
psychologists to the following sessions:
Personal Therapy
Group Therapy
Self Assistance Groups
Pictures from Be Strong Center
• April 8th 2013 Be Strong founder Panagiotis Michail was awarded by
the Union “Together for the Child” the award “Life Lessons” for his
voluntary work and for his voluntary action through Be Strong in
the vulnerable part of the society that is involved with cancer
• July 2013 Panagiotis Michail was one of the 10 “Heroes Among us”
that was voted from people all over Greece for his contribution to
the people involved with cancer and was presented live by the
Greek media channel Antenna
Be STRONG Income
None of the founders of Be Strong receives a salary. Salaries exist only
for the Health Psychologists’ work. Most of Be Strong actions are
coming not only from donations but mainly due to the voluntary work
of hundreds of people that without them it would not be possible to
help everyday all those people that fight with cancer
Be STRONG Contact Details
• Agias Zonis 1A, Kipseli, Athens, 113 61,
Tel.:+30 210 8620085, Fax: +30 210 2922641,
email: [email protected]
• Panagiotis Michail cell phone Number: +30

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