JUSA Spring 2015

JUSA Spring 2015
New Direction:
1) Community
2) Building/enhancing team bonds
Non-JUSA Spring Overview
• Expanded program for the spring
3 Tiered Structured
Recreation, Recreation Select, Signature Select
Every player will receive a participation pin
9 Games and Playoffs (depending on pool)
March thru May 2015
– JUSA information
• JUSA players will have a new Spring Card specific to Spring Team:
Helps with player participation management for the city
counts. Help lessen "cheating" by each player receiving a new
Spring card.
• JUSA teams will have a themed kit for the spring
• JUSA player registration is $70 includes new uniform kit, ball,
practice field, games
Non JUSA Teams
• Registration Fee
U6 8 players = $240
U7-U10 8v8 10 players = $300
U10-u14 11v11 13 players =$390
U15-U19 11 v11 16 players = $480
– $125 extra if not providing a home field
– Fall Qtr Finalist or Higher Rec teams have to move
up to Rec Select Bracket
– Participation Pin
– Standings & Playoffs U9-U19
– Every player must have a player card
– One designated contact per league
– Ref fees will be split between teams
JUSA Recreation
U6 – U14
• Recreational--allows newly formed teams to develop
without getting blown out
- No playoffs in Recreation, No Standings
- Leagues who randomize teams for Spring will play in this bracket.
- Borrowed players allowed up to two substitutions
- U16-U19 team fees are $480. Teams pay one overall fee. No uniform
JUSA Recreation Select
U8 – U19
• Allows Fall Recreational teams to stay together U8-U19
- Fall Rec Championship teams will play in this bracket or can move to
Signature Select
- Standings & Playoffs are applicable in Rec Select - Outside teams have
the option of playing up in this bracket. If the league allows full teams
to stay in Spring they have to play in this bracket.
– Borrowed players are allowed to maximum of two subs (ie:13 for a 11
v 11)
– No borrowed/loaned players for playoffs
- U16-U19 team fees are $480. Teams pay one overall fee. No uniform
JUSA Signature Select
U8 –U15
If you are playing in the 2014 and upcoming 2015 Fall Season as a
Signature team you will be playing in this bracket
Each coach will need to submit a roster with their full team.
Standings & Playoffs are applicable in Select Signature
All outside teams that played Signature in Fall 2014 will be in this
Borrowed/loaned players allowed only to field full team (ie: 11 for 11
No borrowed players in Playoffs.
No club players--unless they will they were released by their Fall team
No club teams
If a Signature team going up to Club they can still play in Spring league
as long as they are not registered to a Club program/team during the
Spring Season February-May
Important Dates
(subject to change)
• 2014
– November 15 Spring Registration Opens
• 2015
January 6: Final Roster Due for JUSA Select Rec
January 6: Freezes for JUSA Rec Due
January 16: JUSA Waitlist Deadline
Feb 4: JUSA Teams drafted
Feb 6: JUSA Signature draft
February 10: All Coach Meeting
– Non JUSA Fees due
– Non JUSA Rosters due
February 20: Practice Begins
March 7: First Game
May 16 : Playoffs
No games on Mother’s Day or Easter
JUSA Spring Committee
Spring Director: Rodney Naylor
Registrar: Lisa Rychlik/Sheri Mayer
Referee Director: Rich Mabry
Field Supervisor:
Uniforms: Amanda Huston
Marketing: Heather Kronebusch

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