Sycamore Creek Elementary School Before and After School Program

Sycamore Creek Elementary
School Before and After
School Program
• Best interest for Children
• Alignment
• Sycamore Creek Staff
• Benefits for Children
How Did We Come to This
• December 2011: began researching options
• January 2012-July 2012: visited other
schools who run their own programs, spoke with
administrators and program coordinators.
• August 2012: Program coordinators were
• September 2012: After holding an interest
meeting with Sycamore Creek staff members
the decision was made to transition from the
YMCA running the before and after school
program to a program run by Sycamore Creek
staff members.
How Did We Come to This
• October 2012: Met with the YMCA to discuss
the shift.
• November 2012: Communication with
Sycamore Creek families regarding the change.
• December 3, 2012: Parent Information
• December 7, 2012: Parent Interest Survey’s
will be sent home in Friday folders.
• January, 2013: Registration will potentially
Our Goal
• Our goal is to create a safe, healthy, happy and
stimulating environment where children will have the
opportunity to work on their homework, as well as
participate in structured group activities.
• We have many Sycamore Creek Elementary School
staff members interested in participating in this
program. The staff to student ratio will be
approximately 1:25.
• You will be receiving an interest form in Friday
folders soon. We look forward to receiving your
response so we can continue with the planning
A Sample Schedule
• 7:00-8:00 Social/Group Activities
• 3:15 Meet in designated area
• 3:15-3:45 Snack Social
(Healthy snacks will be available)
• 3:45-4:30 Homework Help/ Read Aloud
• 4:30-6:00 Group Activities
(Supervised activities such as games,
stories, music, arts and crafts, and outside
play will be offered. )
Our Discipline Plan
• It is important that children respect
themselves, other people, and property.
• We will CHOMP in the before and after school
• Occasionally, children will need to be removed
from a situation when they cannot act
appropriately. If problems with a child seem to
arise frequently, the parent will be notified and
a conference scheduled to discuss these
concerns. Persistent and/or severe
misbehavior may result in the child being
withdrawn from the program.
Program Hours
• Your program will be available on the
days your child is tracked in.
• The Before School Program will run
from 7:00- 8:00
• The After School Program will run from
3:15- 6:00.
• On Early Release Days children will be
admitted to the program following the
scheduled school dismissal.
Program Fees
• Fees are broken down into 9 monthly payments.
Each payment period covers 20 days of school.
• Cash cannot be accepted.
• The fee for the before school program is
approximately $55 per period or a total of
$510 for the year.
• The fee for the after school program is
approximately $142.08 per period or a total of
(These amounts are set by WCPSS and may
change for the 2013-2014 school year.)
Program Fees
• Monthly fees are due on the dates designated
on the WCPSS payment schedule for each
school calendar. Fees are not prorated for any
reason including a child’s illness, family
vacation, or change in the work schedule, etc.
You do not pay for teacher workdays, track out
days, or holidays when children are not in
school. School is in session for a total of 180
days. The full monthly fee is due regardless of
the number of days the child is absent from
the program for illness, family trips, etc.
Other Fees
• $15 registration fee
• $10 fee for returned checks
• Late Pick-Up Fee: $5.00 per 15 minutes after
6:00 p.m., $10.00 per 15 minutes after 6:30 p.m.
Excessive instances of late pick-up may result in
termination of program participation by the
• Late Payments: If payment is not made by the
due date, a reminder notice will be sent, and a $10
“late payment” fee will be charged. If payment is
not made within five business days of the late date
the student shall be withdrawn from the program.
Any past due fees are still required to be paid.
Other Options
Raleigh Parks and Rec
Lee Brothers Tae Kwon Do
Master Chang’s Tiger Den Martial Arts
and Ballet
• KinderCare Learning Centers
• La Petite Academy
For More Information
• Directors: Jessica Kronen, Mandy
Bayles, Amanda Darden
– [email protected]
• Principal, Kristen Faircloth
• Assistant Principal, Ted Hudson

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