Çizgi Technology Research Development and Education Center
• e-Campus Short Brief
• Virtual Private Classrooms
• Remote access FPGA & DSP Labs
• Others
e-Campus, Location and time-independent
asynchronous/synchronous e-learning center
Over 1,000 hours of e-learning for Information Technology
Strata IT Fundementals
Harvard Computer Science E1
Home PC Installation/Setup
Home Network Installation/Setup
Microsoft Office 2007 ve 2010
Adobe CS4/CS5 Web & Graphics Design
Adobe Captivate 5
Visual Studio 2010 Fundementals
MySql Database and PHP Fundementals
3ds Max Autodesk & Acad 2011 Fundementals
Developing Apps for iOS
Joomla 1.6 Fundementals
CompTIA A+ Computer Technician
A+ Electronic&Hardware Reapir Technician
CompTIA Network+
CISCO CCNA Network Fundementals
Digital Electronics
Computer Architecture with Berkley Logisim
Geneva University Deeds Digital Electronics Education
Hamburg University Hades - Hamburg Design System
Altera FPGA and Embedded Systems
Texas Instruments Micro Controllers & Programming
Use of videos, animations, simulators and remote access labs in learning.
We support Vocational High Schools and Universities Web Seminar Rooms
for asynchronous & synchronous distance learning.
• Support LMS for Teachers
• Asynchronous e-learning sites
• Location Based central control
• Web Seminar rooms to
teachers for their synchronous
Remote Access via VPN. 3 different platforms are connected for FPGA and
DSP experiments with VHDl and Verilog. Web Cams, remote access
oscilloscopes and logic analyzers are connected to platforms to trace the
Web Camera and Logic Analysers Outputs
• Altera, Xilinx, Texas Instruments
University Programs
• We support FOC hardware and software
platforms to univesities and Vocational
High Schools
Remote Access Robot

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