Workforce Health and Wellbeing Project

Workforce Health and Wellbeing Project
CIRAS Representatives Conference
Darryl Hopper
4th November 2013
A bit about the ‘Industry Strategy Team’
The ‘Workforce Health and Wellbeing Project’ is being run by RSSB’s
Industry Strategy Team
Within this team we also cover:
Sustainable Development
Safety Management Systems
Other areas of our work that you may be interested in include:
Safety Assurance Guidance
Accident and Incident Guidance
Road Risk – CIRAS Reports have been well used in this area
A bit about Occupational Health
Occupational health issues are seen to have three fundamental
• The effect of work on health (eg airborne contaminants, asbestos,
musculoskeletal disorders, mental health) – CIRAS reports on cab
Ergonomics have been considered within this group
• Fitness for work (eg safety critical tasks, drugs and alcohol testing,
health assessments)
• General wellbeing (eg obesity, smoking, sickness absence
management, rehabilitation)
Background to the project
The project so far…
• June 2011 RSSB highlights to its board the risks associated with
poor health management
• April 2012 following widespread industry engagement and
consultation the Workforce Health and Wellbeing Project is
• 2012 – 2013 during Phase 1 of the work a baseline of information is
gathered and some helpful tools are developed.
• 2013 – 2014 for Phase 2 the project team looks to develop a
roadmap for health and wellbeing management within rail and to
specify a health data collection framework.
Project Oversight
RSSB Board
The RSSB Board is comprised of Chief
Executives and Managing Directors from
each constituent of the rail industry.
ATOC Forums
FOC Companies
Network Rail
WHWP PWG The workforce health and
wellbeing project working group
provides strategic input
 Oversight
 Stakeholder input
and direction
 Project Activities
RSSB Project
Project Task Groups
Trade Union
Association of Rail
Industry Occupational
Health Providers
Project Tasks
Phase 1:
Prepare the ground and develop a platform to enable proactive health
management by:
– Continuing to raise health awareness, build the case and appetite for
proactive health management
– Understanding capabilities needed to enable proactive management of
– Assisting rail companies with tools and information so that the industry is
proactively responding to the health challenge
Phase 2:
Looks to build on the phase 1 platform and set out industry’s needs to
establish proactive health management by:
– Developing a roadmap to map out the capabilities needed to improve
industry health and wellbeing performance
– Specifying the health data collection framework identified within phase 1
Phase 1 - reports and tools
Health and Wellbeing Roadmapping
Background and Aims of Workshop
• Purpose of the roadmap:
‘We are looking for a roadmap to bring about :
– commitment and understanding for a series of well-planned,
effective and prioritised tasks
– that a diverse range of stakeholders believe will improve health
and wellbeing management within the railway
– and therefore the health and wellbeing of the Rail Workforce and
the efficiency of the sector’.
100+ participants over three workshops
Who needs to have been involved for the outputs to have
broad credibility?
• Immediate Roles: HR Managers, Health & Safety Managers,
Occupational Health Specialists, Operations Managers
• Organisations: Train Operating Companies, Freight Operating
companies, Network Rail, Infrastructure Contractors, Suppliers,
Occupational Health Providers, Trade Unions, ORR, RSSB, ISLG,
ATOC, Rail Industry Association (RIA), ARIOPS
• Influencers: Dame Carol Black, Nita Clarke, Bridget Juniper
What ideas do we need to present to the RSSB Board?
S-Plan Workshop Process
Morning: Scan (‘Landscape’)
- Large group activity
- Broad scope
- Share and capture perspectives
- Link, focus and prioritise
Afternoon: Probe (‘Landmark’)
- Small group activity
- Focused scope
- Share and capture expertise
- Organise, plan and action
Google Earth
Next steps following the industry workshops
• Bring together the findings of the three roadmapping
• Develop a graphic to bring out the main points for
• Present the roadmap to the RSSB Board
• Undertake outcome tasks:
• Develop industry health data collection
• Focus on OH Provider relationships
• Focus on voluntary standards
• Develop other tasks identified on the roadmap…
Breakout Session / Workshop
On your table there is a hand-out containing:
A short brief about the workshop
A roadmap table to fill in
Appendix A – ideas to help with a vision of health
and wellbeing
Appendix B – a partially completed road map to
help consider what issues are important
Table to fill in – 1 per group
Appendix A
Appendix B
Key Steps
1. Select a speaker from your group. Fill in their workshop
hand-out for this task
2. Brainstorm ideas for a vision for rail industry health and
wellbeing (5mins)
3. Brainstorm the important health and wellbeing issues that
matter to each of you (15mins). Put the ideas in the most
appropriate place on the roadmapping table.
4. During the last couple of minutes talk as a group about
what the most important issue is. Circle this issue on your
roadmapping table.
5. Feedback to all, the group’s vision for health and
wellbeing as well as the key element circled on the
Any Questions?
For more information please contact
Darryl Hopper
Project Manager
Workforce Health and Wellbeing Project
Tel: (+44) 0203 1425389
Fax: (+44) 0203 1425672
Mobile: (+44) 07876 578981
E-Mail: [email protected]

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