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Anterior Cruciate Ligament
 Conformation
Stifle angle >135 deg
Valgus /Vargus
Medial Patella Luxation(MPL)
Sloping Posterior Tibial Plateau
Small Bone Structure/Muscle Mass
=Field Trial
=squirrel chaser
-Anterior Drawer Sign
-Tibial Thrust
-Non-Absorbable Suture
-Artifical Ligament Implant
-Aronosky “Over the Top”
-Geometric Altering Procedures
-Tibia Plateau Leveling Operation-TPLO
Licensed by Slocum Enterprises –Eugene, OR
-First “Break-Through” for RCCL Repair, esp. Active and Obese Patients
-Corrects the sloping posterior tibia
-Allows for the Correction of Vargus/Valgus in one operation
-Most Invasive and Traumatic of current procedures
-Most likely to require Rehabilitation
-Increases Pressure in the Posterior joint space and on the menisci
-Can be used when other procedures have been performed
-Implants made of SS, are quite massive, limited industry
Immediate Post-op TPLO
4-week Post-op TPLO
Tibial Tuberosity Advancement
Developed by Slobodan Tepic and Pierre Montavon
University of Zurich, Switzerland
KYON-Zurich, Switzerland and KyonPharma, Boston
Restores stability by adjusting joint force vectors
Maintains congruency of joint
Allows unimpeded full range of motion
Preserves primary loading axis of tibia
Increases lever arm of quadriceps force and thus
reduces all internal joint reactions
 Implants are made specifically for TTA and are
Titanium for reduced body reactivity
 Implants and instruments made in Switzerland and
Germany and of highest quality and standards
Requires a bone graft
Less Allowance for Technical Errors
More difficult to correct Valgus/Vargus
Potential for Non-Union is greater
Patients will weight-bear immediately upon
recovery from anesthesia which lessens
requirement for rehab
Unkown if Osteoarthritis is reduced but is
expected to do so with current case experience
Over 40,000 cases world-wide have been
Both require surgeon with training and
Both require strict aseptic techniques
Both require extensive inventory of
Both require Orthopedic Power Equipment
Both require extensive array of Orthopedic
Both require extensive Follow-Up
 Common
Tangent of Femur
Condyles and Tibial Plateau
 German Method
 Elimination of TibialThrust
 Weight and Plate Size
Field-Trail Lab 7m0 PostSurgery TTA
 KYON.CH (Swiss website)
R-9-17-08 L-11-20-09
Dates of surgery, TTA, both legs
Two Days Post Op Cocker Male-5yr
Thanks for fixing my leg, Griffen
James Ritchie Pearce, BS,DVM,DABVP

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