Will She Fit In?

Will She Fit In?
Organizational Behavior Case Study
Mandi Spoklie
Tori Barnum
Daniel Mehrer
Christopher Antoku
April 10, 2013
Summary of Case
O Susan Carter
O New partner at the Crowne Group
O Crowne Group
O Prestigious Strategy firm in New York
O Very efficient at her job
O Works extremely hard
O Among the 4 woman out of 98 partners
O How did she get here?
Summary of Case (cont.)
O Brian Hanson
O Group senior vice president of Pellmore
O Susan worked with him before
O Excellent work, led to turn around
O Brian recommending all of Pellmore to
O Pellmore became Crowne’s largest client
Summary of Case (cont.)
The Situation
O Brian makes a sexual move towards Susan
O In hotel room, rehearsing board presentation
O Lunges
O Susan doesn’t know what to do or what her next
move should be
O Concerned about losing her job
O More then meets the eye
The Problem
O Susan’s next move or non move will
determine the rest of her career
O She has three main courses of action
She can report the incident
She can ignore the situation
She can confront the client
Main Talking Point 1
Report the Incident
O Tell her supervisors about the situation
O Seek help from them
O Or go even further to report incident to cops
and take legal action
O Seems to be the most logical solution
O Must be discrete and careful
O Don’t go to immediate supervisor, Justin
Main Talking Point 2
Ignore the Situation
Susan can pretend the incident never
Go back to working with Brian
Go with the flow
The firm needs Brian and Pellmore as a
Hope Brian doesn’t make another move
O Least effective of all options
O Non-action in this situation will backfire
O Susan’s pride and ego will be hurt
Main Talking Point 3
Confront the Client
O Susan can confront Brian
O Tell him that she only sees him as a
business partner
O That if he doesn’t comply she will escalate
the case
O Must gingerly approach the topic
O Can’t be too aggressive or fall into comfort
O Must get her point across
O Try to stop the problem at the source
O Beware of Brian escalating the case first in a
preemptive strike
O Final Recommendation
O Where will Susan go from here?
O What this means for all woman in the work

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