Task 8 Design and create a business presentation

Task 8 Design and create a business
presentation on Safe Working
Practices when using ICT
DT want you to create a presentation (PowerPoint) to support a
talk on Safe Working Practices when using ICT
• Audience: all staff
• Purpose:
– to explain safe working practices to protect, health, physical safety, files
from loss and unauthorised access, etc and
– the reasons for each safety measure
This means
• Designing an original looking presentation
• Creating the presentation of at least five slides
• Checking the presentation for spelling errors
The content of the presentation is based on the research done in
Task 1 on Safe Working Practices when using ICT
Be original and relevant
Think about design
As they say: fail to plan; plan to fail
You need to show evidence that you have designed a
presentation that is going to be fit for purpose.
The next few slides give some hints and tips:
1. What needs to be designed:
look and feel, content and layout
2. How to be sure the presentation is fit for purpose
3. What can and cannot be done with templates
4. Avoiding the plagiarism trap ie use your own words
Designing the presentation
Downloadable Tunes want an original, well designed,
effective presentation that will ‘wow’ the audience
This means you need to think about the layout and content
of the presentation before you start creating it so decide on:
• Look and feel
– How will the screen layout will look
– Where are you going to position text and graphic frames eg where
is the logo going to go
• Content
– How many slides to include – at least five
– The title of each of the slides
– the text and pictures to include in each slide.
NB use your own words: cut and pasting others work = plagiarism
Designing a fit for purpose presentation
Remember the PowerPoint must be fit for purpose.
When designing the presentation ask yourself
• Can the audience read all the text on all slides
• Can the audience see enough detail in any images
• Are any transition effects or animations effective or
• Does the content of each slide get the point across
• How many slides do I need to
– explain safe working practices to protect, health, physical
safety, files from loss and unauthorised access,
– and give reasons for safety measures
You can adapt but not copy templates
DT want originality
You can make limited use of
PowerPoint Templates
You cannot just copy and use
an existing template
You can adapt an existing
template or start from scratch
The test is does your
presentation look different
Tip: include your company logo
and select and use fonts and a
colour that match
This means:
• create screen layouts by
using existing templates
and by creating and
positioning text and
graphic frames
• select appropriate text
and graphics OCR
No plagiarism
• Plagiarism is copying others work and presenting it as
your own
Copying and pasting from websites does not show you
understand health & safety.
Copying and pasting from websites just shows you can
cut and paste
You must explain safety issues in your own words
This means adapting and changing your research
findings on safe working practices
Create a 5+ slide presentation
• Create a presentation of at least 5 slides using text and
graphics to explain the importance of safe working
practices in a business environment.
– For each measure explain the potential danger that it is
designed to address.
– Put any text have found in your research into your own
words. NB: copy and pasting is unacceptable plagiarism
– Use images/diagrams you have found in your research to
illustrate your measures
• The title slide does not count as one of the 5 slides
Use your own words
Key test: does your presentation show that you understand Safe
Working Practices when using ICT in business
This is why copying and pasting others words is not allowed
Here are some tips on how to put ideas into your own words
• Put a quote into your own words
– Find and use a quote on a health measure
– State the source of the quote eg www.h&s.co.uk/passwords
– Put the quote into your own words explaining the potential danger and
now the measure reduces risk
• Annotate an image
– Find an image on potential dangers/safe working practices
– annotate images to show potential dangers and/or how a safe working
practice can reduce risk
– Remember to include the source of the image
8P2: Spell checking
• Create evidence that the presentation has been
• Eg include an additional slide at the end of the
presentation including a screenshot of a successful
Pass checklist
Do you have
• evidence of having designed the presentation
• at least 5 slides in the final presentation
• Included both text and graphics
• Made sure the presentation is largely fit for purpose
• Explained ideas in your own words
• Checked the presentation for spelling errors
Merit tasks
• Ensure your presentation has a consistent style eg it
use a logo and the same colour scheme on each slide
• Set appropriate slide transitions
• Print the presentation handout as pdf and save the pdf
in the Task folder
Distinction Tasks
• Set appropriate animations that are fit for purpose &
• The presentation needs to be of near professional
quality ie
– It looks and feel like it was made by a paid designer
– All text and graphics are relevant and effective
– All slide transitions and animations work and support the
talk ie they do not distract attention
• Add some speaker notes. Print the speaker notes as a
pdf and save in the task folder

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