Period 8, Chapter 2

Disagreed; Paul Revere’s ride was not a
word of mouth epidemic, it was a simple
announcement passed to all the people.
 Paul Revere rode his horse into the town
to announce to everyone what was
going on while a word of mouth
epidemic is passed from one person to
Do you agree or disagree with Malcolm Gladwell?
Why or why not? What evidence does Gladwell
use to push you to believe the way you do?
If you don’t know enough people, to tell enough
people, an epidemic won’t start.
A connector is a person who knows enough
people to have a number of sources.
Most connectors know Mavens, which pass down
the information they hear, or learn about to their
connectors who inform everyone of the news.
- If connectors weren’t around, the information
wouldn’t reach to all the people as fast as it may
seem. The connectors have more friends and
acquaintances in which they spread the
information to. While Mavens, know a small
amount, the connectors play a major roll in
spreading good, bad, and knowledgeable facts
and ideas faster and farther.
- If Mavens have so much knowledge, why don’t
they spread the information themselves? Why do
they tell the connectors the information, and
expect them to pass down the information?
Agree; If Mavens weren’t the most important how would
information be passed on.
If Mavens never received the information meant for everyone
to know, how would the people have the same knowledge.
Mavens are most important because they’re the main source
of a majority of information everyone receives.
- If Mavens never had existed, half the information
known world wide, or even country wide, wouldn’t
be known as well or maybe even at all. Mavens
were a basis for where all information had come
from and how it becomes so well known. They’re a
source for many to go to for questions about the
most common and well known information, such as
shopping with sales, and the sales being advertised
for stores around any area.
Thanks for listening! You’re all wonderful listeners. If there are
any questions, comments concerns, please as at this time!
Essay recap; Agree or disagree with Gladwell? Why or why
Discussion recap; If Mavens have the knowledge why don’t
they use it?
- What would happen without Mavens?
Hope you enjoyed :D

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