S4S Bottled Water Presentation

Take Back the Tap
The dark side of bottled water & what
you & your school can do to help.
Marie Therese Kane ‘14, Georgetown Visitation
Global bottled water consumption
goes up by what percent each year?
Which of the following is a tactic used
by bottled water companies to
promote their products?
–Ad campaigns against tap water
–Words such as “pure” in their
–Celebrity endorsements
–All of the above.
All of the
About what percentage of bottled
water is actually just bottled tap
How often is tap water tested for
-Ever few minutes
-Every few hours
-Every few months
-Every few years
How many people at the FDA are in
charge of regulating ALL of the
bottled water in the United States?
Only 1!
Which of the following has been
found in bottled water?
–Rat poisoning
–Excessive bacteria
–All of the above
All of the above!
TRUE or FALSE: Bottled Water is
ranked higher than tap water in taste
Bottled water takes how many times
the amount of water to make the
bottle as it does to fill it?
–The same
3 times the
amount of water
What country is the #2 consumer of
bottled water, the U.S. being #1.
1 in 5 water bottles are _______.
–Actually consumed.
–Thrown away.
What is the value of the water inside of
a plastic bottle?
- $0.04
- $0.36
- $0.50
- -$.75
• What is one habit that you can start to
decrease or stop your own bottled water
• What is one step that your school could
take to decrease its own bottled water
consumption or encourage the use of
reusable bottles?
4 ways that we involved our
school community in our
1. “A week of bottles” Display
2. “Tapped” documentary
Dear Science Teachers,
I hope that you had a wonderful spring break! I am writing to let you know about
an event that the Green Habits will be hosting during Earth Week this year.
During second semester, our club has focused on the harmful effects of the
$11.5 billion bottled water industry on not only our health, wallet, and planet,
but also our brothers and sisters across the globe. We, as the consumers, create
this demand, so if we do things like use re-usable water bottles and create
awareness about this issue, we can effect a positive change!
During Earth Week, we will be educating the Visitation community on this issue
in a variety of ways, one of them being a viewing/discussion of the documentary
"Tapped” on April 16th during lunch in the Little Odeon which explores the
marketing, politics, and effects of bottled water on our society. We would like to
extend a special invitation to you as science teachers because this issue is
concerned with not only the distribution of resources, but also the dangerous
chemicals that go into the bottles that we drink from. We feel that it would be
a great opportunity to gain perspective into an issue that is of great concern to
our students and society. Also, we know that as teachers you are in a position
to help create great change surrounding this issue in our school community!
No need to “RSVP”—just a head’s up about something that we thought you may
be interested in attending. Thank you for your concern and support--we hope to
see you there!
The Green Habits Club
3. Stickers!
4. Daily bottled water facts and
in the homeroom bulletin
“Never doubt that a small group
of thoughtful, committed
citizens can change the world;
indeed, it’s the only thing that
ever has.”
– Margaret Mead

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