Praxis Core

What Happened To Praxis I
 ETS changed Praxis I to Praxis Core
 Praxis Core will start October 2013
 Praxis I expires June 2014
 If you are starting tests for the first time, take
Praxis Core
 Codes and Scores have changed!
Where to find Praxis Core
ETS Website
Praxis Flyer
Education Office
SOE Bulletin Boards
Things You Need To Know
 Test Dates/Deadlines
 Fees
 Types of Tests
 Codes for Tests
 How to Register for a Test
 Receiving Scores
Parts of Praxis Core
 Reading: Multiple Choice
 Writing: Multiple Choice and Essay Question
 Mathematics: Multiple Choice
When to Take the Praxis Core
 Before completing EDUC 190/191/305
All three parts of the test must be
passed in order to be admitted to
the Professional Education
The Only Way To Take
Praxis Core
 Computer tests: year-round by appointment (You
may take it once every 30 days)
 Can only register online.
 There are testing center located all over SC.
 Debit/Credit Card is needed.
Computer Test
Test Code
Praxis Core: Reading 5712
Praxis Core: Writing 5722
Praxis Core: Mathematics 5732
Praxis Core: Combined Test 5751
(All 3 Parts)
Praxis Core: Combined Test 5751
(Any 2 Parts)
2 hour
2.5 hour
2 hour
5 hours
3 hours
South Carolina Test Requirements
Take This Test(s):
 Praxis Core: Reading (computer)
Test Code:
 Praxis Core: Writing (computer)
 Praxis Core: Mathematics (computer) 5732
Praxis Core Scores
Computer Tests:
 Reading-
Code 5712
 Writing- Code 5722
 MathCode 5732
Score 156
Score 162
Score 150
Candidate ID Number
 The first time that you register ETS assigns you a
Candidate ID number.
 Use this ID each time that you register for a test; it will
keep all your test information together.
 Make a folder to keep all your Praxis information in.
What to do Before the Test
 When you register and set up your account, be sure to put
down FMU as a recipient of test scores in order for us to
receive a copy and ensure your admittance to the program.
 Download Tests at a Glance for sample questions free to
 Online Study Guides and Practice Tests are available for
 Mrs. Watts has books that can be checked out!
What to do After the Test
 Be sure to have an account: Go to the Scores section
online and complete the information.
 Access your score reports through your online account.
Paper score reports will not be mailed.
 Scores are accessible for 300 days. Download or print
your report for your records.
We do not accept scores verbally; we must see an
official copy from ETS.
Exempting Praxis Core
 ACT score of 24 or higher
 SAT, Verbal and Math, score of 1100 or higher
 SAT, Verbal/Math/Writing, score of 1650 or higher
If you think you have the proper score for
exemption, make sure to stop by the SOE office and
notify Mrs. Watts!

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