BLaST-Cast: The New Design of the PSSA Gr. 3-8

The Need for College and Career
Ready Standards
Teacher Effectiveness System in Act 82 of 2012
Building Level Data/School Performance Profile
Effective 2013-2014 SY
Indicators of Academic Achievement
Indicators of Closing the Achievement Gap, All Students
Indicators of Closing the Achievement Gap, Subgroups
Indicators of Academic Growth PVAAS
Extra Credit for Advanced Achievement
Teacher Observation & Practice
Effective 2013-2014 SY
Danielson Framework Domains
Planning and Preparation
Classroom Environment
Professional Responsibilities
Teacher Specific Data
Building Level
Data, 15%
Student Performance on Assessments
PVAAS / Growth 3 Year Rolling Average
IEP Goal Progress*
Teacher Specific LEA Developed Rubrics*
Data, 15%
Elective Data/SLOs
Practice, 50%
Optional 2013-2014 SY
Effective 2014-2015 SY
Data, 20%
District Designed Measures and Examinations
Nationally Recognized Standardized Tests
Industry Certification Examinations
Student Projects Pursuant to Local Requirements
Student Portfolios Pursuant to Local Requirements
*Student learning Objective Process
June 26, 2014
Terminology Key
PB MC – Passage Based Multiple-Choice
Stand Alone MC – Stand Alone MultipleChoice (Language multiple choice)
EBSR – Evidence-Based Selected
TDA – Text Dependent Analysis
SA – Passage-Based Short Answer
Special Note: The first number after the
item category represents how many items
the student will encounter within that
specific response category (includes equating
and field testing items). The number in ( )
represents how many of those items will
count towards a student’s PSSA score (omits
equating and field test items). Please see
page 2 for PDE’s ELA Test Design and Test
Content Blueprints.
For additional PSSA resources, please visit and click on
“State Assessment System”
Gr. 3
Gr. 4-5
Gr. 6-8
Short Answer 3Pt
Gr. 4-8 TDA Scoring
Gr. 4-8 TDA Scoring
Gr. 3-5 Narrative Writing
Gr. 3-5 Narrative Writing
Gr. 6-8 Narrative Writing
Gr. 3-4 Informational
Gr. 3-4 Informational
Gr. 6-8 Informational
Gr. 3-5 Opinion Writing
Gr. 3-5 Opinion Writing
Gr. 6-8 Argument Writing
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