Messi Powerpoint - 17-152

Lionel Messi
Alla Younis 6D
1.Who is the player?
 The Player I
choose for my
Project is
Lionel Andrés
2.What club, team or country does
he/she play for?
 Messi Country
Team is Argentina;
He also plays in FC
3.What is the player’s background, how long have they
been playing, what positions does he/she play?
Messi started to play football
when he was the age of five
and he played in a team
coached by his father
Grandoli. His father, Jorge, was
a manager at a metals
company. His mother, Celia,
brought in extra money as a
cleaner. Lionel was the third of
the couple’s three boys—his
older brothers are named
Matias and Rodrigo. Lionel also
has a sister, Maria Sol. In 1995
when Messi was 8, he switched
to another team called
Newell's Old Boys.
At the age of 11 diagnosed
with a growth hormone
deficiency. Messi could not
afford the money 500 pounds
every month. Carles Reach,
the sporting director of FC
Barcelona had been told
about Messi’s talent, after
Barcelona had watched him
play; they offered to pay his
Medical Bills for him if he would
move to Spain. When Messi
and his family he started to
play in the club youth teams. In
the present he plays Rightwinger or second sticker in the
field. He has been playing
football for 23 years.
4.What does this player do on the field that makes them so good? (Use
Football terminology if possible) e.g. : Can strike with both feet, puts other
players into space etc.
 Messi strikes with both
feet and sometimes
curves the ball when he
gives a long pass to
another team player.
5.Why do you enjoy watching this particular player more than others? Give
specific examples of great passages of play they have been involved in.
(you can use photos or video to help your explanation)
 I normally don’t
watch football
because it not
my interest but if
I do I enjoy
mainly enjoy
watching him
because of his
goals and his
tricks he does.
What are 3 questions you would ask the player if you
had a chance to interview them for TV and why?
1.Did your dad play in a
team before he started
coaching a football club?
Because I would like to
know what team or club
his father played in.
2.Do your siblings enjoy
football as much as you
3.How do you feel being a
famous football player
when you were just a
normal kid?
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