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Creating a
Résumé in
10th Grade:
• You should now have a completed résumé
worksheet which has all the information you
need to create your résumé.
• What are the major parts of your résumé?
• What are parts on the résumé worksheet that
were easy to complete?
– Which parts were more challenging?
Learn how to create a résumé in Family
Complete a résumé!
Learn how to write your objective.
Learn how to tailor your résumé to a specific
job, college, or scholarship
Résumés in Family Connection
• Click on the “About Me” tab
Résumés in Family Connection
• Click on “Resume”
Résumés in Family Connection
Résumés in Family Connection
• Click on “Add a New Entry”
Résumés in Family Connection
• Choose the part of the resume you’d like to start with
• Let’s start with education.
Résumés in Family Connection
• Add your school, location, current grade level, and other information
When you’ve filled in this
information, click “add to resume”
and then choose a new heading from
the drop-down menu. Let’s go to
“Work Experience”
Résumés in Family Connection
Volunteer Service
Work Time
• Spend some time working in Family
Connection to get information form your
resume worksheet to the online resume.
Your Objective
• Objective = what you are trying to accomplish
– Examples:
• To get a job as an office assistant
• To get an academic scholarship
• To be accepted into the University of Minnesota
• Discover your objective
– What is a job or a scholarship you may be applying
for soon?
– Write an objective for that job or scholarship.
Your Objective
• Add your objective to the résumé
• If you include more than one, you can pick and choose which you
want to be printed on your resume at a later time.
Tailoring Your Resume
• You have pages of information about yourself,
but you have to cut it down to 1-2 pages
• The information you choose to include on
your résumé should match the objective
you’ve set for the résumé.
– Example:
• I’m applying for a job as an office assistant.
• It’s important that I include my education,
Tailoring Your Résumé in FC
• In Family Connection, you can click on the
information you want to be included on your
• Click on “Customize Your Printable Resumes”
Tailoring Your Résumé in FC
• Click on “create a new print format”
Tailoring Your Résumé in FC
Name the resume to remind you
which position this resume is for.
Choose the
format you like
Click on the boxes next to
headings and information
you want to include on
the resume.
Tailor Your Résumé
• Create a custom printable résumé that fits
with the objective of your choosing and save
that résumé.
– When needed, you can print the resume to submit
to a prospective employer, donor, or admissions
• Complete your online résumé in Family
Connection by the next class.
• Print a copy of the résumé with your objective
at the top.
Looking Ahead
• Next class you will have the opportunity to
review your peer’s résumés and get feedback
on your own.
• We’ll also spend some time discussing how to
build your résumé.
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