Public Library Books for Kindle - Wilson County Public Libraries

Public Library Books for Kindle
Sam Fore, Wilson County Library
Floresville, TX
Getting Started
• You must have a library card
• You must have an Amazon account (
• Visit the library’s website
• You must be on the internet for the book to transfer to
your Kindle.
• Sign in with your library card number and your 10 digit
phone number.
• Scroll down and click on the link for OverDrive - Lone
Star Digital Library
At the Beginning
Step 2
Lone Star Digital Library
Search for a particular title
Choose a specific genre
Click on the book you want to check
A book that is already checked out
Book may be placed on hold if it is not currently available. This book has already been
checked out by someone else. Therefore, if you want to read it when it comes in, you
need to place it on hold. You will receive an email when it comes in.
A book that is available
The book will have a Borrow button if it is available. Click the Borrow button to borrow the
book. This book is available for 14 days.
You will now see the book in your Bookshelf. Click the Download button to download the
Book to your Kindle. Click the Read button to read the book in your browser (Internet Explorer
or Mozilla Firefox). You might want to do this if you are unfamiliar with the book and want to
preview it before you download it. If you don’t like the preview you can return the book by
clicking Return Title.
If you download the book, the Return Title button will disappear.
Downloading the Book
Once you click on the download button a window will open for You will need to sign in to your Amazon account.
Get Library Book
After you have signed in, click on Get library book. Then follow the directions on the
website. You will also get an email with the link to the book if for some reason it does
not download to your Kindle.
Returning Borrowed Books
• At the end of the lending period, books will
automatically be deleted from your Kindle and
returned to the library.

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