THON Chair Workshop I

THON Chair Workshop I
September 18, 2012
Your liaisons
Use them!
 First meetings and beyond…
 Monthly Fundraising Reports
• 5/5 – entered in to a lottery to win a 42 hour pass for your
organization THON weekend
• 4/5 – no penalty
• 3/5 – loss of one general pass
• 2/5 – loss of two general passes
• 1/5 – 5% loss of THON 2013 total
• 0/5 – loss of 1 dancer couple for THON 2014
 Check in with them before Canning Weekends
 “Why We THON” presentations and Motivational Workshops
 Contact Information
Fundraising FTK
 Window Opens on September 28th
 You may begin submitting company contacts now
 ALL REGISTERED THON Chairs must sign SORAAC before
your organization begins fundraising activities
 Dancers & passes for THON Weekend announced on Friday,
September 28th via THINK.
 Dancer allocation for THON 2013 is based solely on your
organization’s THON 2012 total, not on previous year
dancer allocations.
 Organizations without guaranteed dancers for thon 2013
can enter the dancer lottery if they meet the minimum
requirement of $2,600.00 by January 28, 2013.
THONvelopes & THONline
Start to gather addresses & email addresses
now; most sustainable fundraising method
Your first 250 THONvelopes will be sent by
THON free of cost; 25+ if you meet with
THONline and its benefits!
Working with Finance to track your totals
Life cycle of a check
THINK Totals
Handling donations
When to hand in checks
Problem checks
2012 / 2013 checks
Canning Drop Off Procedures
 Safety
• Entrance plan
• Handling
 How to hand in your money
• Dry!
• Flat
• Bills faced
• Separated into stacks of $100 by denomination
 Example: 100 $1s, 20 $5s, 10 $10s, 5 $20s
 Information to bring
• Your estimated total
• Number of canners sent
 Penalties
Canning and Canvassing
 Canning Weekends
 September 28-30
 October 19-21
 November 9-11
 Plan locations now!
 Before Your Trip
 Must register ALL locations and sign up for Materials
Distribution/Canning Drop off time
 Contact all municipalities/storefronts and acquire the appropriate
 All volunteers who plan on participating in canning must attend
ONE (1) Canning Workshop session BEFORE going canning
Must bring valid photo ID in order to register to can at the
Any member found canning without attending a session will
gain 7 points for their organization
Canning and Canvassing
 Travel Safety
 Never travel during inclement weather conditions
 Avoid traveling late at night
 Ensure each car has a contact list in case of emergency
 During your trip
 Follow all laws in your area and fundraise safely!
 Wear Penn State gear, bring your PSU ID
 Canvassing
 Canvassing Safety
 Carry Solicitation Cards & Proof of Donation cards
 Materials for Canning/Canvassing
 Materials distributions will be held Wednesday – Friday each
week before canning weekends from 10am – 5pm in 327 HUB
Pittsburgh Canning Weekend
There will be only ONE canning weekend in
the city of Pittsburgh.
• The date will be 20, 2012
• Canning only allowed on SATURDAY
All participants must complete a separate
registration in addition to the normal canning
registration form on THINK.
Absolutely no canvassing is allowed within
the City of Pittsburgh.
Instructions can be found on
Canning Workshops
Will be mandatory for all volunteers
participating in canning
Sessions will be held at the following
• Tuesday: 7:30-11:30pm in 101 Chambers, 4:0011:30pm in Alumni Hall
• Wednesday: 7:30-11:30pm in 102 Forum, 4:0011:30pm in Alumni Hall
• Thursday: 7:30-11:30pm in 101 Chambers, 8:0011:30pm in 102 Forum
All attendees must have their Penn State ID
THON Safety Vest
THON safety vests will be available for
purchase during materials distribution
These vests will be sold in 321 HUB
They will cost $5 per vest
The total amount purchased will be
credited towards your organization’s total
Alternative Transportation
 Free alternative transportation will be provided via
Megabus to the following locations:
New York City
Pittsburgh (2nd canning weekend only)
 To register for a bus ticket, visit and
select Alternative Transportation.
 You must register by the Thursday, 8 days before
each canning weekend
 If the ticket is not used, organizations will be
charged the price of the ticket.
Alternative Fundraisers
 Alternative Fundraiser system has been revamped
Much faster and easier to submit
 Detailed Guide for new Alt Fund system found on
 Most Successful Alternative Fundraiser Report
Report found on
 Submit Alternative Fundraiser Requests on THINK
at LEAST two weeks before the start of the event
 Check on the status of your fundraiser frequently
 Funds and Post Fundraising Report must be
handed in within 10 days after the fundraiser
12th Annual THON 5K
Saturday, October 13th
Fun Run: $15
Competitive Run (Chip Timing): $18
Register by October 11, 2012 at 3pm and have your
registration fee credited to your Org!
Register at: or at 210 HUB
Questions? Contact the Special Events Captains at
[email protected]!
Join us in celebrating
100 Days ‘til THON 2013!
Organization members will have the opportunity
to purchase 100 Days t-shirts for $8.00 and credit
the cost to your organization!
 Order forms will be sent to all THON Chairs via the THON
Chair Update
 Order forms and money are due in room 235 of the HUB on
10/08/12 – 10/10/12 from 12pm – 4pm
 Shirts will be distributed in rooms 324,325,& 327 of the HUB
on 11/5/12 from 10am – 4pm
THON 2013 Raffle
 Chances to win the following prizes:
 New Dell lap top
 Trip to Europe
 Many more exciting prizes!
 Tickets are only $5/ea. And can be credited to your
organization, but must be written on the ticket at time of
purchase. Crediting stops at 11:59 PM Monday, February 11,
 Multiple chances may be purchased but must be paid in full.
 All tickets must be paid for in full, completely filled out, and
stub torn off to hand back at time of purchase. Tickets
handed back in any other manner will not be accepted.
Four Diamonds Recycling Effort
What is 4DRE?
For The Kids and For The Planet!
 4DRE Incentive – Highest Recycling Collection
• Top organization, top fraternity/sorority pair, and commonwealth campus
will receive an incentive THON Weekend
 Guidelines
Collect recycling – uncrushed aluminum cans and plastic bottles #1-7
Sign out a 4DRE bag – come to the THON Office 210 HUB, M-F 9-5
Fill up the 4DRE Bag!
Drop off bags – filled bags can be taken to any one of 5 campus
• Keep recycling!
Questions? Email [email protected]!
Peer-to-Peer Giving
 Donation Pages per Organization, Greek
Pair, Independent Dancer Couple
 Personalized Content
 Page URL & Use
 Updating Content
 More information will be given through
your liaisons

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