ASSIST Application Submission System & Interface for Submission

Application Submission System &
Interface for Submission Tracking
What is it and Best Practices
Did you hear?
• The transition to electronic submission of
multi-project applications will occur on a
program-by-program basis starting with
September 25, 2013 deadlines.
• NIH will start accepting all competing grant
applications electronically by May 2014.
• The new electronic system developed for
submission of these complex mechanisms has
been labeled, “ASSIST.”
What is ASSIST?
• ASSIST is a web-based system designed
to accommodate the complexities of
NIH’s multi-project applications
• ASSIST works with to
download and complete forms for multiproject applications
System roll out schedule
history of transition to
electronic applications
Transition by date and mechanism
• September 25, 2013 — All applications submitted in
response to FOAs with the following activity codes and
a due date of September 25, 2013 or after will require
electronic submission: P01, P20, P50, R24, U24, U19.
• January 25, 2014 — All applications submitted in
response to FOAs with the following activity codes and
a due date of January 25, 2014 or after will require
electronic submission: G12, P30, P40, P41, P42, P51,
P60, R28, U10, U41, U42, U45, U54, U56, UC7, UM1.
Welcome to ASSIST
Log into the ASSIST with your eRA Commons credentials:
Want to test an ASSIST
application? NIH demo site:
plug in PA-40-201
Do the tab headings look familiar?
Good things to know when starting an
ASSIST proposal
• Prior to initiating an application using ASSIST,
applicants must identify a Funding
Opportunity Announcement (FOA) to which
they would like to apply. FOAs are posted in
the NIH Guide for Grants & Contracts and in
• Anyone with an eRA Commons ID can initiate
a proposal in ASSIST
The only
thing needed
at this point
• Title of
Application Set up
Know your projects and cores (Components) !!
• Title (of each specific project or core)
• Order (which is Project 1, etc.)
• Project or core lead
• Dates
Warning – these can’t be changed after set-up
Assign Access
Who has automatic access:
• Initiator
• PI
• Project/Core lead for their section only
Contact SPA (, the same address
you use to request an eRA Commons Account) for
“Access Maintainer status”
Access Maintainer Status
This allows you to:
• add additional users. It is recommended that
everyone have at least one back-up,
department signers, subcontracts, etc.
• assign or change Read Only or Edit status to
Next steps
• Once a component is finished, put in
• When all components are COMPLETE, create
and provide a PDF of the entire application to
the PI for their review and comments.
• Yes! You can now see what the final copy
will look like BEFORE submission!
(except Cover Letter and Appendices)
Final steps to submission
• After making any corrections, put all
components to FINAL
• VALIDATE the application
• Update the submission status to READY TO
Submission to SPA
• Submit ASSIST proposal by sending an email
to: Remember to include
the PRF# and/ PI last name in subject line.
This email must state that the proposal is in
the ASSIST system and provide the
“Application Identifier Number”.
• No paper copy is necessary
Tips to share
• Know your Projects and Cores
– Language changes
• Project and Core Lead (not Leader or Co-Investigator)
– Numbering
• Cores are NUMBERED, not alpha like we’re used to
• There is always an Admin Core
• Have the eRA Commons ID for all key personnel prior
to proposal set-up.
Tips to share
•Budget Flow
•No inflation
•Equipment pop-up
•Biosketch appears only in one location of the proposal
•Placement of human and animal compliance information
•Assurance numbers are only entered in the Overall Component
•Our F&A calculations when entire Core/Project is a
•There is no place to enter F&A UofMN is entitled to for the 1st
$25,000. This is a known issue. Place a paragraph in the budget
justification of the Admin Core.
•Your printed packet will be much larger than a 398 packet.
Wendy D Diedrich
Leslie Kennedy
Frances Spalding

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