SAT and ACT Test Dates

Senior year at-a-glance
SAT/ACT Test Dates
College Admissions
College Costs/Financial Aid
Letters of Recommendation
Career Readiness/ROP courses
Life after High School What’s your plan? Does it
mirror your 4 year plan?
Transcript review – legal document
Graduation requirements
A-G requirements
A) Social Studies
B) English
C) Math
D) Science
E) Foreign Language
High School
F) Visual & Performing Art
G) Elective
30 credits
40 credits
30 credits
20 credits
10 credits
10 credits*
80 credits
Physical Education
ICT Foundations
20 credits
5 credits
5 credits
20 credits (30 rec)
40 credits
30 credits (40 rec)
20 credits (30 rec)
20 credits (30 rec)
10 credits
10 credits
* High school graduation requirement: 10 credits combined in fine arts,
foreign language, or career tech.
 Different
 Class Rank ranked by Total GPA
 Credit Summary Box
 240 Credits
 CAHSEE Math and ELA
Your transcript is a LEGAL document it is important to do
well all year long! Not just during the Fall semester of your
senior year. Everything matters!
Community College
o 2 yr Junior Colleges: complete General Ed coursework then
transfer to 4 yr University
o AA degree, Certificates
California State University (CSU)
o 23 campuses (San Diego, Northridge, Cal Poly SLO, San
Francisco, etc)
University of California (UC)
o 10 campuses (San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Santa
Cruz, etc)
Private/Independent Colleges
o About 125 in CA (Stanford, University of the Pacific, Westmont,
Azusa, Claremont Colleges, Santa Clara, etc)
The Admissions Process has Several Components
A. Grades
A-G Requirements
Good Grades – C or better
Level of coursework
SAT/ACT scores
Extra-Curricular Activities
Community Service, Sports, Theater, Band, Clubs,
Leadership, Internships, Youth Groups…
ACT plus ACT Writing
- or -
SAT I (Reasoning Test)
Options - history, literature, science, language other than English,
or mathematics level 2 only
o A few UC campuses already have determined SAT Subject Test
recommendations for specific colleges or schools, and majors.
o May assist your admissions chances for the more difficult majors:
Engineering, Science, Math
SAT Test Dates
o October 5th
o November 2nd
o December 7th
ACT Test Dates
o September 21st
o October 26th
o December 14th
December 2013 is the last month to test for College
Admissions requirements
Los Rios Community College
Sierra College
Los Rios has 5 different campuses
Application window begins in January 2014 through March
Associate Degrees
Certificate Programs
Guaranteed Transfer Options to 4 Year colleges
Database to research all CC in CA
Placement tests required for ELA and Math
UC Berkeley –
UC Santa Barbara –
21.5% Acceptance Rate
44.6% Acceptance Rate
o High School GPA: 4.16
o High School GPA: 3.96
ACT Composite Score: 30
SAT Critical Reading: 674
SAT Mathematics: 701
SAT Writing: 692
ACT Composite Score: 28
SAT Critical Reading: 614
SAT Mathematics: 654
SAT Writing: 635
UC San Diego —
UC Davis –
37.7% Acceptance Rate
45.3% Acceptance Rate
o High School GPA: 4.07
ACT Composite Score: 29
SAT Critical Reading: 639
SAT Mathematics: 691
SAT Writing: 661
o High School GPA: 4.03
ACT Composite Score: 28
SAT Critical Reading: 611
SAT Mathematics: 658
SAT Writing: 632
Sac State–
San Diego State–
65% Acceptance Rate
32.9% Acceptance Rate
o High School GPA: 3.21
o High School GPA: 3.76
ACT : 21
SAT : 995
Chico State—
77% Acceptance Rate
o High School GPA: 3.34
ACT : 22
SAT : 1059
ACT : 25
SAT : 1114
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
37.4% Acceptance Rate
o High School GPA: 3.87
ACT : 28
SAT : 1268
38% will attend a 4-yr College
49% will attend a 2-yr College or Vocational School
United States Military Academies:
Air Force, Annapolis and West Point
Biola University
Berklee College of Music
Boston College
Brigham Young University
California Institute of Technology
California Maritime Academy
All California State Universities
Denver University
The Masters College
Mount Holyoke
Oberlin College
Oregon State University
Pepperdine University
St. Mary’s College
Stanford University
University of California:
Davis, Berkeley, Irvine, Los Angeles,
Riverside, Santa Cruz, San Diego
& Santa Barbara
University of Nevada, Las Vegas & Reno
University of Puget Sound
University of the Pacific
University of San Francisco
University of Santa Clara
University of Southern California
You better be registered ALREADY!
You must request to have your Official Transcript sent
directly to the Clearinghouse
ACT/SAT scores must be sent directly to the
Academic requirements just as important as A-G’s
Pay Attention to Deadlines! There are no exceptions once you have missed
a deadline
Create a Post High School binder to keep copies of all applications, LOR,
resume, and important documents
Apply for your PIN through FAFSA this Fall
Take the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) it’s a great
career assessment tool. If you are interested in the military you will need to
take it as it is used to help determine your areas of strength and interest.
Check out our Career Center for ongoing information about colleges and
CSU and UC application deadlines are November 30 th
Check Private and out of state colleges for application
Regional College Fair – Monday, 10/7/2013 at Union
Mine High School @ 6:30pm
Financial Aid Night – Thursday, 12/12/2013 at Oak Ridge
High School
Sign up to receive reminders via text message!!! Such as –
Dates, deadlines, and upcoming events.

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