Accommodation Solutions

Families and Social Care
Strategic Commissioning
Accommodation Strategy
Christy Holden
Head of Strategic Commissioning (Accommodation Solutions)
11 March 2013
• FSC restructured Strategic Commissioning from 1
October 2012
• Three commissioning units; one for Children’s
services and two for Adult’s
– Children’s
– Community Support
– Accommodation Solutions
Community Support
Strategic Commissioning of:
• Home Care and enablement
• Day opportunities and community services
• Integration with health and Long Term Conditions
• Urgent and Intermediate Care
• Befriending
• Advice, Information and Guidance
Accommodation Solutions
Strategic Commissioning of:
• Residential and nursing care provision
• Supported accommodation
• Extra Care Housing
• Short term beds for assessment, intermediate care
and enablement
Accommodation Solutions Priority 1
• Developing an Accommodation Strategy
– Detailing strategic direction
– Understand quality, price, needs, supply, demand,
gaps, placing patterns, pathways, deprivation etc
– Options appraisals and commissioning plans
– All client groups
– In consultation
Accommodation Solutions Priority 2
• Review of Quality in Care and Contract
– Roles and Responsibilities
– Pro-active monitoring
– Build relationships
Accommodation Solutions Priority 3
• Contract and fee structure
Current contract 10 years old
Changes in policy and procedures
Advances in technology etc
In consultation with the sector
APRIL 2014
Adult Social Care Transformation
• The transformation of adult social care is the
largest single change programme Kent County
Council is currently undertaking
• The challenge is to operate with less money
providing better outcomes and services to eligible
residents of Kent
Accommodation Solutions Priority 4
• Transformation
Review what we do and why
Develop services that are sustainable
Develop strategic relationships
Operate with less money
TO 2015
Accommodation Solutions Priority 5
• Staff and Team Working
– Develop workforce
– Formal and informal training
– Partnership working with sector, stakeholders and
From now onwards
Thank you for your time
• Any questions?

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