Giga sessions

Giga sessions are those in which more
than 4000 grafts are transplanted.
Changing trends
As techniques improve, the no. of grafts that
can be transplanted in one session has
In 2001, when Dr Venkat first learnt hair
transplantation , any thing above 1000 grafts
was considered as megasession. Now, only
those with grafts above 2500 is considered as
Any thing above 4000 is considered as Giga
This has been made possible my refinement
techniques, improvement in anesthesia, and
skilled technicians.
How to maximize the no of
It is important to understand that variations occur
between different individuals and the no of grafts
that can be done in one session depends on
quality of donor area.
Factors determining the no of
grafts per session
The no of grafts that can be obtained in one session
depends on three factors:
 1.Hair density( no of hairs and no of units per sq
cm).Density varies from 70-95 per sq cm in Indian
 2. Skin elasticity( which determines the maximum
width of skin that can be removed safely). The width
of skin varies from 1-1.7 cms depending on elasticity
in Indian patients
 3.Size of head-width of head from one ear to other.
This varies from 25-32 cms in most Indian patients.
How to perform Gigasessions?
Patients with very good donor( Large head,
loose skin,less tendency for scarring, high
density): width 32cm*density 95*width
1.7cm=5,168 grafts—this is very rare in Indian
 However this is possible in many Caucasian(
western) patients, who have large head, good
density, good elasticity with less tendency for
Typical Indian patient
Average Indian patients have the following type
of donor: smaller head, lesser density and
greater tendency for scarring as compared to
Caucasian patients:
 Length 29cm*width 1.3cm* density 85=3200
grafts. So in Indian patients , maximum number
is around 3000 grafts
 Even this is difficult in many patients as they
have smaller head(27cms), lesser
density(75),and lesser elasticity(1 cm)=2500
grafts only
SO how do we perform Giga sessions
in Indian patients?
This is done by combining different methods.
Over 4000-6000 grafts can be done in most Indian
patients as follows:
Day 1 morning FUE about 600-800 grafts. This loosens
the skin and helps us to take wider strip for FUT
Day 1 afternoon FUT 2500-3500 grafts depending on
quality of donor hair on back of scalp, as explained in
previous slide
Day 2 FUE scalp 600-1000 grafts from scalp
Day 3 body hair 500-1000 grafts
However this needs stamina, and a big budget and
therefore is applicable for select patients only.
Day 1 morning about 800 FUE
has been performed, strip ready
for FUT
Day 1 evening
FUT of 3000 has been completed in
addition to FUE of 800 = total 3800
Day 2 post lunch
FUE of 600 ( below strip suture) has been
completed-see how previous FUE –above
strip has already healed=4400 grafts
Recipient area- large area
covered with 4400 grafts
Giga sessions
Thus giga sessions help to cover large
areas.This is particularly helpful for
those coming from foreign countries as it
helps to avoid a second travel for
second session

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