Hispanic & Latino Recruitment - IUPUI Registrar

Presented by:
Ashley Anderson, Assistant Director for Latino and Hispanic Recruitment
Kim Stewart-Brinston, Director of Diversity, Access, and Achievement
Recruiting Efforts
• Fairs and high school visits in Indianapolis, Northwest IN, and
Puerto Rico.
• Represented IUPUI at college fairs for Latino students and their
families in Indianapolis and Chicago and at National Hispanic
College fairs throughout the country.
• Will attend United States Hispanic Leadership Institute National
Conference next month--the largest cross-generational Hispanic
conference in the nation.
• Students from Project Stepping Stone visited IUPUI’s campus over
the summer—gave presentation on IUPUI.
• Mapping Education Towards Achievement (META) conference for
high school Latino students was held on campus in November.
• Will be interviewed for IPS Educational TV Show in Spanish.
Resources Provided
• Bilingual brochure – 700 last semester
• Spanish phone line (274-HABLA)
– Average of 1-2 calls in Spanish a week
• Admissions web site in Spanish – 1,345 hits
since August
– http://enroll.iupui.edu/espanol/
• One-on-one meetings with families
Numbers of Applicants/Admits
Numbers of Latino FYU applicants compared to previous years:
– 571 (Fall 2012)
– 522 (Fall 2011)
– 510 (Fall 2010)
Numbers of Latino FYU admits compared to previous years:
– 298 (Fall 2012)
– 254 (Fall 2011)
– 133 (Fall 2010)
Latino Transfer student applications:
– 41 for Fall 2012 as compared to 41 for Fall 2011 and 32 for Fall 2010
– Admits: 5 for 2012; 5 for 2011; 6 for 2010
Where students are from (majority from IN, 47 from IL with 25 being from Chicago,
8 from FL, 8 from TX, 7 from CA, 5 from NY)
16 applicants from Puerto Rico
– Up from 3 in Fall 2010 and 10 in Fall 2011
Numbers of applicants are likely affected due to new law (House Bill 1402 and
Senate Bill 590).
Campus Visits
• Personalized visits, with a focus on high ability,
Latino students.
• Pushing the Fly In/Drive In Program -- Latino
students from different parts of the US are
coming for an overnight stay next month.
• Group of 9 from Puerto Rico (Jan. 19-21).
• More students from Puerto Rico visiting next
E-mail from Puerto Rican
Hi Ashley,
I just wanted to thank you for your effort on making the trip happen. I
had an amazing time and learned alot of new things about the
university. We all had a great time getting to know you, Terri, and the
other puertorican students who did an incredible job attending us.
Staying in the dorms was an amazing experience and they are great.
The staff made an incredible job encouraging us and informing us
about the different majors and opportunities. Hope to see you and the
others in March and hopefully in August again.
New Methods of Reaching
Out to Students
• Mass e-mails to prospects, applicants, and admits
– Personalized messages to target populations. Great
• Use of social media—Ashley at IUPUI Facebook
– Have only had active account since mid November,
but have 67 friends (all Latino students) and have sent
and received a total of ~270 messages since then.
– Post updates about happenings on campus, important
deadlines, photos, and more.
– Can be used as a tool to help build sense of
community among Latino students even as applicants.
Dear Kenya,
Hello from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis!
My name is Ashley Anderson, and I am the Assistant Director for Latino and Hispanic Recruitment in the Office of
Undergraduate Admissions at IUPUI. I am very excited about working with you during this special time in your life! We
hope that you will become a part of the more than 30,000 students call IUPUI home.
I wanted to make sure you knew that there is still time to apply for the Fall term and to qualify for scholarship
consideration. You can apply online at enroll.iupui.edu. Submitting your admissions application by February 1 will
ensure you are considered for our admissions scholarships, and you can find more awards that have separate deadlines
and applications at www.iupui.edu/~scentral.
I will be your main point of contact throughout the admissions application process and am here to answer any
questions you or your family have. You can find me on Facebook at Ashley at IUPUI (www.facebook.com/ashleyatiupui),
or you can always call me at 317-274-2252 or e-mail me at [email protected]
I hope to hear from you or see you on campus very soon!
Ashley Anderson, Assistant Director for Latino and Hispanic Recruitment
IUPUI Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Ideas for the Future
• JagDays for Latino students.
• Working with Indiana Latino Higher Education
Council to come up with survey regarding impact
of new legislation on educational institutions.
• Will serve on planning committee for next year’s
Indiana Latino Institute Latino college fair.
• Nilda Chavez—bilingual recruiter on West Coast
hired this past semester.
• Many Latino applicants applied late
– How can we encourage them to apply earlier next
– More presentations to students/parents.
– Send mailers, e-mails, and Facebook messages
encouraging them to apply early.
• Ivy Tech
• 571 Latino FYU applicants, up from 522 last
• 298 Latino FYU admits, up from 254 last year.
• Lots of traffic on Spanish web site, and calls on
Spanish phone line.
• Personalized campus visits.

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