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Soccer began at an
international level in 1904
when a soccer governing
body named FIFA (Fédération
Internationale de Football
Association ) came to be.
Most of the world considers the English as the founders of
Soccer as we know it today. However there is debate
because China was the first to play a game similar to
soccer, but it was played with the heads of their enemies as
an act of dishonor.
The first world cup was
played in 1934 in
Uruguay. The winners
were, that’s right,
The team that has the most world cup wins since it began is
Brazil with 5 total wins. Three of which were won when the
greatest player of all time, Pele, was on the team. They may be
adding an additional win this summer in world cup in Brazil.
The oldest league for club
play is the English Premiere
league. It hosts many
teams that were founded in
the 1800s and continues to
be the most competitive
league in the world.
In the English Premiere league the most successful team has
been Liverpool FC. They have won the league 17 times and
have won almost countless other tournaments across Europe.
The team with the most wins inside of the league is
Manchester United with 20 league titles.
Soccer at heart is a very
simple sport that has
very little rules.
Basic rules are these:
• Each team plays with 11 players, 1 is a goalkeeper
• The team that scores the most goals is the winner
• You may play the ball with any part of your body,
except your arms
• A game is 90 minutes long with 45 minute halves, and
unlike other sports they do not stop the clock, instead
it is added in addition to the 90 minutes
There is no precise size
requirement for fields
when playing soccer. It
can range from 100x50
meters to 120x80 meters.
The least understood rule of soccer is the offside rule. The rule
dictates whether a player is allowed to play the ball from a pass. If
the attacking player is behind the last defender than the pass is
considered offside and is given to the other team for an indirect
The games are monitored
by 3 Referees. There is a
center referee and 2
assistant referees. The
center is usually the most
experienced referee and
has final say in all calls.
In the past referees were responsible for making calls on
whether a ball was considered to be a goal or not. Now
they have “Goal line technology” which will notify the
referee if the ball passed the goal threshold.
Question 1
Which player has won the
most World Cups?
Question 2
Which team won the 2010
World Cup in South Africa?
Question 3
Who is the most successful
United States player in the
World Cup?
Question 4
Which country is credited for
the founding of Soccer?
Question 5
Which player has the most
“World Player of the Year”
1. Pele
2. Spain
3. Landon Donovan
4. England( kind of China)
5. Lionel Messi

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