Morgan Olson and Thomas Donaldson

Science Fair Project
Morgan Olson, Thomas Donaldson
Statement of the Problem
What amount of cornstarch and water mix stops
cabob stick immediately?
Project Overview
We are going to drop the cabob stick into a
container filled with different amounts of
cornstarch and water, hoping that the right
amount of cornstarch and water will stop the
cabob stick immediately.
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Summarize your research here in three to five
bullet points:
• Cornstarch and water mix hardens when great
force is applies.
• When cornstarch and water is joined it creates a
solid when it is at rest it is a liquid.
• The force of the cabob stick should create enough
force to harden the cornstarch and water mix and
stop the cabob stick
 Independent variables: The independent variables are the
amounts of cornstarch and water. We will start with one cup of
water one cup of cornstarch and finish five cups of cornstarch and
two and a half cups water of each increasing by a cup
 Dependent variables: The dependent variable is the depth of the
cabob stick. We will drop the cabob stick from 5 feet up.
 Constant variables: the constants will be height, cabob stick,
container, placement, angle, release point, and person dropping
the stick.
 Control group: one cup cornstarch ½ cup of water.
 Our hypothesis is that if the cornstarch and water mix
hardens on contact with another object, since the mix
hardens the hardened mix presses down on the bottom
mix so the whole solution will be hardened and stop the
cabob stick.
 Cornstarch
 Water
 Cabob stick
 Ladder
 Container
 Measuring cup
 1.Take 1 cup of cornstarch and take ½ cup of
water and mix together in a jar.
 2.Get unto the ladder at 5 feet and drop the
cabob stick so it falls into the container.
 3.Quickly take the cabob stick out of the
solution and measure the depth.
 4.Record the results.
 5.Repeat steps but add one more cup of
cornstarch and ½ of water (each experiment).
 Add diagrams in your steps.
Add photos of your experiments.
cabob stick drop
depth in inches
test #
test 1
test 2
test 3
test 4
The conclusion is that the cabob stick was stopped by
the cornstarch/water solution. At the height of five
feet and dropping the cabob stick straight down it only
penetrated ¾ of an inch into the solution, when the
solution was 4 inches deep.
Possible Experimental Errors
Could not fall at exact velocity and that the cabob stick
could fall when dropped in the solution and the results
might not be as accurate as they could because of the
consitisy of the solution you had to pull the cabob stick
out immediately.
Applications and
I think next time we should vary in the cabob stick
dropped and the height dropped from.
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Works Cited
Be sure to include print and electronic
sources and put them in alphabetical order.

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