Holt Biology B Technology
Pacing Guide
For the technology portion of the class, you will be creating a
power point presentation.
Each week, you will send the current week’s slide(s) to your
supervisory teacher. At the end of the class, you will present the
entire project.
After you read and follow the directions on each slide, delete the
directions, so that your work can be easily viewed by the
In addition, to the 6 slides described below, you will need to
create a title and a work cited slide .
*Feel free to add animations, change font, or other details to
make you power point your very own. Be sure that your slides
are easy to read and you are able to describe what you learned.
Creative Title
First Name Last Name
Teacher Name
Holt Biology B
Assignment 1-Ecology
• Go to http://www.ceoe.udel.edu/kiosk/mural.html
and interact with the habitat by clicking on
different “item of interest”
• Right click and copy image on to slide. (note the
image is below if needed)
• Label at least 6 animals, briefly describe their
importance or significance, and their range
Assignment 1- Habitat Destruction/Loss
• Read through these two Websites
• http://library.fws.gov/pubs/mbd_habitat_loss.pdf
• Fill out the chart on the cause and effects of habitat
destruction. Provide solutions in the third column. Be sure
you include a minimum of five facts that for each column.
(Note: the example does not count as one of the five facts)
Replant forest
after logging
Assignment 2- Ecosystems
• Write a 5 paragraph about Rachel
Carson including her biography,
major contributions to science, and
other important information
• Open the hyperlink by clicking on the
picture of Rachel Carson to begin to
research this impressive scientist. You
will need to find an additional
websites to add more details to your
essay. Include each website used in
your work cited
• Use the essay rubric to for grading
• On the slide list 5 contributions
and/or fact related to Rachel Carson
as well as a picture and title.
Assignment 3- Viruses, Bacteria, and Fungi
Directions-Go to http://assignments.discoveryeducation.com/?cdPasscode=T50D5418C. Watch video and answer True or False for each question. If the answer is false you
must write the correct answer for FULL credit.
True or False? Moneran cells lack a nucleus.
True or False? Both moneran and protist cells can form colonies.
True or False? Contractile vacuoles are used for locomotion.
True or False? Protists are much smaller than bacteria.
True or False? During conjugation genetic material passes between
to cells.
*Include http://streaming.discoveryeducation.com/ in your Work cited.
Assignment 3- Viruses
• Create an informative slide on Viruses using the
• Include minimum 6 pictures, 8 facts, and 2
diagrams on viruses
• Additional websites may be used. (ex:
• Include all factual websites in Work Cited
Assignment 4- Plant Structure
• Go to http://www.goldiesroom.org/Shockwave_Pages/052-Pressure%20Flow%20Model%201.htm and play the animation.
• Create a slide that displays minimum of 6 steps in how
water and nutrients flow in plant transport tissues.
Include at least one original image labeling xylem,
phloem, direction of water flow, source cell, sieve
tube, sucrose, and sink cell.
Assignment 5- Developmental Biology
• Human Embryo- Go to
• Create a timeline of the developing human embryo
on the slide.
• Include minimum two different developmental
stages for each trimester.
• Provide detailed information in your own words
and add a picture for each sage
• Use additional websites if necessary
Assignment 6- Mammals
• Go to http://www.enature.com/fieldguides/intermediate.asp?curGroupID=5
• Click on your choice of mammal and select a
specific species.
• Copy and paste the picture of the animal onto
this slide. Include the Family name, species
name (italicized words), common name,
describe their habitat, and range. If there is a
warning regarding the species be sure to
include and summarize that information.
*Include the website in your work cited
Assignment 6- Mammals
• Go to http://nrs.ucdavis.edu/Quail/Natural/mammals.htm and create an
slide advertisement that attacks visitors to the
Quail Ridge Reserve.
• Be sure to include examples of mammal
diversity, current research, significance of the
natural reserve system, and any other
important facts you want to include.
• Slide must be appealing, show creativity, and
well researched.
*Include the website in your work cited
Assignment 6- Body Systems
• Go to http://ats.doit.wisc.edu/biology/ap/ho/ho.htm go to the bottom and Click on Topic 1.
Read and follow the prompts through Topic 1, 2, and 3. Answer the questions below
as you progress.
What two body systems helped Ben maintain homeostasis?
Describe the two types of messenger molecules that carry signals from one part of
the body to another. Be sure to use your own words. When Ben’s heart rate
increase what happened to his blood pressure?
Explain the sequence of events that occur when Ben’s endocrine system sends a
message to his liver to help lower his blood glucose.
What occurred after Ben ate salty pretzels?
Perform the Newspaper Quiz. Hit print screen and paste the complete newspaper
in a second slide.
• Slide 2- http://streaming.discoveryeducation.com/,
• Slide 3- http://streaming.discoveryeducation.com
Please note: This page is
not finished. You must add
in the additional website
citations for the remaining
slides and delete the
directions slide.

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