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Blast off with
Windows Phone 8
Kelly White
Microsoft MVP – Windows Phone Development
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o What are your questions?
o Announcements from 6/20/2012
o Developer Story
o Windows Phone 8 Upgrades
o My Strategy as a Consultant
o Questions
What are your questions?
o Well? Speak up?
Windows Phone Summit
Windows Phone Summit
o Held on 6/20/2012
o Just a sneak peak, not full disclosure
One big announcement…
Shared Core
Previous versions of Windows Phone were based on
Windows CE
“Windows Phone 8 will ship this holiday with a
shared core inside that’s common code between
Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.”
Joe Belfiore
Windows Phone Summit
July 20, 2012
What does this mean?
• Kernel, Networking, File System, Multimedia, Graphics, etc
• Well-tested software, in use by 1.3 billion people today
• Hardware partners benefit in having to build drivers only once
• Easier to develop apps across all platforms
• Customers can expect higher quality apps
8 Platform Announcements
Results of moving
to a Shared Core…
New hardware…
1. Latest and Greatest
Multi-Core Chipsets
– Dual-Core & more…
e.g. Qualcomm Snapdragon S4
1. Latest and Greatest
3 Screen Resolutions
800x480 (15:9)
1280x768 (15:9)
1280x720 (16:9)
*New graphics hardware means that existing apps auto-scale
and look amazing on all screens.
1. Latest and Greatest
MicroSD Support
e.g. Photos, Music, Videos, Installing Apps
New browser…
2. Internet Explorer 10
• Same rendering engine as Windows 8 PCs
• SmartScreen anti-phising filter
• 4x faster JavaScript performance compared to
Windows Phone 7.5
• 2x HTML5 feature support compared to Windows 7.5
(e.g. touch support)
Native Code…
3. Native Code: Killer Games
• Common platform for Windows Phone and Windows
• Native game development platform based on DirectX
• Games developers can write the same game for
Windows 8 and Windows Phone
Native Code
• C / C++
• Gaming Middleware
– Havok (Halo, Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed)
Native Code
Share common
code between
Windows 8 and
Windows Phone 8
NFC (not AFC)
4. Better Sharing with NFC
Tap-to-share, etc…
– Magazine Ads
– Business Cards
– NFC enabled phones
– Windows Surface
– Matchmaking (e.g. gaming over p2p network)
5. Most Complete Wallet
Credit & Debit Cards
Loyalty & Membership Cards
Access Saved Deals
Supports NFC ‘Tap to Pay’
* Secure SIM-based solution in partnership with mobile operators, will
see these next year in US, but not at time of launch.
6. Nokia Map Technology
• Great global NAVTEQ Map data
• Offline map support
• Map control for developers
• Turn-by-Turn Directions
Ready for Enterprise…
7. Windows Phone 8 for Business
• Trusted shared Windows core
• Encryption and Secure Boot
• LOB App Development
• Device Management
• Familiar Office Apps
7. Windows Phone 8 for Business
• Complete Security Platform
– Secure Boot
– Bitlocker Encryption
• Flexible App Distribution
– Business controlled
• Device Management
– Enable integration with software management
LOB App Development
• Sign and deploy apps without going
through marketplace
• Company Hub
Company Hub
User Experience...
8. New Start Screen
8. New Start Screen
• Digital fingerprint
• 3 sizes of Live Tiles
• Existing apps get small and medium tiles
without redeploy
• Negative space removed
But wait, there’s more…
Other Features
App-to-App Communication
Compile in the Cloud (machine code)
SQLite for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8
VoIP and Video Chat (available to all devs)
Location apps can run in the background
Speech Platform (available to all devs)
Developer story…
Developer Story
• Every WP7 app will run on WP8
• Still able to target and publish for WP 7.5
– XAML with C#/VB
• All development done in VS2012
Developer Story
One App Model, three technology choices*
– XAML with C#/VB
– Native C/C++
– HTML5 browser control
*Not exclusive, can mix and match
Windows 8 vs Windows Phone
• Smaller form factor
• Be care of touch
Things to remember
Better hardware, faster
Amazing games
Improved multitasking
Talk with your apps
More ways for Devs to make money
Enterprise ready
Windows Phone 8
Windows Phone 8 Update
• Updates are delivered over the air
• Devices are supported with updates for at least 18
• Program lets registered enthusiasts get early
access to updates before broad consumer push
Existing Phones?
“Windows Phone 8 is a
generation change and
will not run on existing
Windows Phone 7.8
Existing users of Windows
Phone 7.5 will get an update
which brings the new start
screen to their phone.
Nokia is releasing exclusive
apps for current and future
Lumia customers.
My strategy…
• Build for Windows Phone 7.5 now
• Learn how to build games with XNA first, then
jump into Native with Direct3D
• Stop whining and start building, there’s
already over 100,000+ apps in marketplace
How and when to learn more?
“Later this summer”
– Download SDK and attend a Windows Phone
developer event
Rumored BUILD Conference?
– Register immediately if/when announced
Windows Phone Developer Conference
– October 22-24 (
• Windows Phone Summit
• App Hub
• Windows Phone Developer Team Blog
Additional questions…
Continued discussion
See you at On the Border...
Contact Information
[email protected]

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