World Water Day - Change A Life Uganda

Quarters for Water
Thursday March 22, 2012
•International World Water Day
was started in 1993.
•It’s purpose is to focus world
attention on the importance of
fresh water on our planet
• Lack of clean water for millions of people is
an urgent crisis in the world.
• Children in other countries like Uganda
have to work hard just to get enough water
to live.
• Millions of people – women and children
(mostly girls) walk long distances to collect
• Many children are not able to go to school
because it can take hours to get the water and
bring it home.
• Water is often dirty and can lead to illnesses.
• More than 1.5 million children die from
diarrhea each year.
In Mygera, Uganda
the people need to
carry large plastic
cans called jerry cans
down to the lake.
•They fill the cans with lake water
and carry it back to their home by
walking or riding a bike.
•They often walk several miles each
This water must be boiled before it can be used
for drinking.
All water is used very sparingly
• Most people on the planet use less
than 2 gallons of water per day.
• Americans use up to 100 gallons per
• Change A Life Uganda (CALU) is
helping children in rural Uganda get
clean water and an education.
This year you will see how
the Jackson Municipal
Water Company cleans
and delivers the water
you drink every day
compared to the water
quality of children in rural
•Jackson has a water
company called the Jackson
Township Municipal Utilities
Authority. (JTMUA)
•They take water from
underground, process it and
deliver it to your house.
Let’s see how the Jackson Township
Municipal Utilities Authority, JTMUA,
brings the water to your faucets.
This is an electronic map of the Jackson Water
system. It shows the location of wells and
water tanks throughout Jackson Township. It
also shows the status of all the pumps and
whether they are filling or draining.
• These are the aquifers running under
• This map shows the seven wells
Jackson uses for it’s water.
• This is a 1,500 gallon
per minute water pump.
• The motor is 200 horse
power and is submerged
• Jackson has 10 wells
like this one in it’s
water system.
• This pump could fill an
in ground swimming
pool in 10 minutes.
• These are water filters (6) used for filtering
• Each one can filter 500 gallons of water per
minute (3,000 gal/min)
• The blue pipes are clean water coming out of
the filters and green pipes are raw water from
underground going into the filter.
This map shows the status of
the pump
These six filters take the minerals our of
your drinking water. Jackson has some of
the cleanest and most pure water in the
state of New Jersey.
These are the filter backwash tanks. Iron
and manganese particles are taken out
before the water is sent to the storage
tanks. They each hold 300,000 gallons of
• This is the water testing station.
• The water is always running to make sure
the water sample being tested is the same
water that comes out of the filters.
• This water tower
was built in Jackson
20 years ago and is
still in use.
It holds 200,000
gallons of water.
• The water tank
behind the tower
holds 1,000,000
gallons of water.
• Lack of clean water for millions of people
is an urgent crisis in the world.
• Children in other countries like Uganda
have to work hard just to get enough
water to live.
Each day
children go
back and
forth to the
jugs of
water by
hand or on
a bike.
Every day, many times per
day the children walk back
and forth between their
home and the lake carrying
heavy water cans.
No complaining, some smiling faces.
This is the only way to get water and
the children want to help their families.
If you had to walk to collect water from a river, or
if you had no toilet or shower at home.
What would be the biggest way that it might
change the life you have now?
• Many organizations and governments are
addressing this situation with programs,
financial support and education projects.
• You can help Change A Life
Uganda bring clean water
to the children in Mygera.
• How many quarters is that?
• 565,975 quarters
• How much did Christa
McAuliffe School
contribute?$566.95 or 14,174
2010: 4 Tanks at the school and 1 at the
health center
Next: Distribution Pipes & Storage Tank
With your help this is what CALU hopes to do in 2012
and 2013
Wear a hat…that’s
all it takes!
• In March 2011 the CMMS
Wear a Hat day raised funds
to help drill a well for the
children of CALU.
Pay $1.00 to your homeroom
teacher and you can wear a hat
to school for the entire day.
You will receive a pass to keep
with you for the day.
The best part…
All the money
raised goes straight
to Quarters for
Water to help
students just like
you drink clean
Conservation Tips
Ways you can help conserve
water at home and school
• Even though 2/3’s of the planet is made
of water, less than 1% is safe and
accessible for use.
• The rest is frozen or seawater and too
salty to drink!
Teeth brushing
Toilet flush
Automatic dishwashing
Shower (5 minutes)
Washing machine
Taking a bath
Washing the car
Outdoor plant watering
2-4 gallons
5 gallons
12 gallons
25-50 gallons
60 gallons
60 gallons
50 – 100 gallons
180 gallons
Thank you to all the McAuliffe
Middle School students helping
the children of St. Lawrence
School in Mygera, Uganda.
Change A Life Uganda needs
students like you to keep
Quarters for Water growing.

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