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 No school uniforms
 School day starts earlier: usually 8:00 – 14:00 or later
 Each student has his own school book in each subject
 You are in one classroom most of the time  the
teacher comes into your classroom
 Bad grades  repeat the year
 Several exams in each subject during
school year
 Age: 6 to 10
 Subjects: German, Maths, Art, Religion, Sport and
 First day of School: die Schultüte
 Age: 10 to 14
 After: Go to another school to do your A-levels or start
 Age 10 to 18
 A-Levels and Prom
 After: University or start working
 Written and oral exams
 Choose the subjects
 Everybody has to do German and Maths in their
written exams
Die Tafel
Die Schultüte
Das Heft
Das Lineal
Die Schultasche
Die Füllfeder
Der Bleistift
Der Radiergummi
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