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Just an FYI
• Ms. Mohr-Scinocca put the play on her webpage (Diary of
Anne Frank)
• You have to log in with your mypanthers account, but if you
want to access the play from your iPad, you can go and upload
the play to iBooks from her page.
• She uploaded it by scenes, so you can upload all of the play, or
just parts you missed.
8 Grade Party
May 30, 2013
Hand slips and money in to office
Diary of Anne Frank Act 1, Scenes 1 - 3
Learning Target
• Understanding dramatic irony in literature.
• (The quicker we can get through this, the quicker we can get
to the movie and watch more of it since we are just watching
the beginning.)
Irony – (in your notes!)
• Irony is a contrast between what is expected and what really
Example of irony
• In Act 1, Scene 2, Anne’s mom, Mrs. Frank is upset that they
will be using ration books illegally.
• Her expectations are that they are not a family who does
illegal things like using forged ration books.
• The contrast is that in reality, they are doing something illegal
by being in hiding.
• Go to
• Select “Login” in the upper right hand corner (under “create a
• Find your class: type in [email protected]
• Scroll down until you find your class (Example: Mrs. Running’s
3rd Hour)
• Select: “Irony in Anne Frank”
• Click on “Log in” and scroll down to find your name.
• Enter your password.
• Follow the directions to complete the assignment.
If you do not have your iPad…
Choose one of the above passages to write a paragraph about
irony used in The Diary of Anne Frank.
• On Page 387, Anne talks about becoming remarkable in the
future. Why is this an example of irony? Explain using a
paragraph to answer. Use textual support (ICE it!)
• On Page 384, Mr. Frank’s cure for Anne is impossible…why is
this ironic? What is the situation? What are they dealing
with? Explain using a paragraph to answer. Use textual
support (ICE it!)
Watch the movie version of the
• Look for similarities and differences from Act 1, scenes 1 – 3
• (We will NOT be watching the entire play today. We are just
watching part of the play.)
In your Reminders!
• Remember to bring a pencil on Monday for class. You will
need to take the test on Monday on paper.
• Write a reminder in your “Reminders” app to bring a pencil

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