Parent Orientation 14_15

Stacia Crescenzi –
San Czaplinski – 9th All
Marc Hernandez
10-12 (A - L)
Kenisha Coburn
10-12 (M – Z)
Shannon Bergeron (A-G)
Carole McPherson (H-Pa)
April Walker (Pe-Z)
Meagan Butler, Wellness
Stacey Hopper , Wellness
• Pecan Brook St.
• New Montessori school is being built next to the
Delco Center
• School is private and does not provide bus
• So….. Traffic is going to be hectic. Their start time is
at 8:00 and end time is at 3:45. (Similar to LASA)
• Be cautious with the flow of traffic
LASA/LBJ school drop is located at the back of the building
near the portables.
First Suggestion coming from 183 South:
Exit Manor Rd.
Turn right on Purple Sage Dr.
Turn left on Tumbleweed
Turn left on Pecan Brook
Second Suggestion coming from 183 North:
Turn left on Loyola
Turn left on Millrace Dr.
Turn left on Purple Sage Dr.
Turn right on Tumbleweed
Turn left on Pecan Brook
 Late start dates can be found online:
Students will report to Forum on Monday and Tuesday
 They will see rosters that are in alpha order by grade
level that will direct them to Forum.
They will receive their final schedule with teacher names
and classroom numbers.
They will receive their agenda (student handbook) and
BOY paperwork. Please sign and return the BOY
paperwork the following day.
Students will receive Class of 2018 t-shirts in Forum on
Wednesday. If they do not receive a shirt they can call Ms.
Estrada at 841-4027.
 We do not have bells to begin or end
classes. However, we do have a bell to
begin the day, end lunch, and end the day.
 Late start dates can be found online:
 Please remind your child to write his or her name and the
school year in all of their books.
 Your child must return the books that were scanned to
his of her ID number.
 If your child is ever on the obligation list because they
owe for lost books they will not be issued any new books
until those fees have been paid.
 If the student’s name is on the obligation list, then the
student is not allowed on any after major school related
events. Ex. Homecoming, Prom, Etc.
 During the first week of school students
can obtain an ID as early as 7:30 am or
during their lunch in room #233.
 After the first week of school they can
obtain an ID in the library during their
 Their first ID is free. It is $5 to replace a
lost ID.
 Students can obtain a locker before
school, during lunch, or after school in
the front office with Ms. Villarreal.
 If your child is in Band and they already
have a locker in the band hall they will not
be issued an additional locker. However,
they can opt to get a locker with LASA
and not have one in the band hall.
Welcome Rebecca Hayhurst
A student may not be given credit for a subject unless they have attended
90% of the classes for that year.
If a student is absent without excuse for three or more days or parts of days
within a four-week period, the school will send a warning letter to the parents.
If a student is absent without excused for ten or more days or parts of days
within a six-month period, the school must file criminal truancy charges on the
parent (s) and student.
Excused Absences
 See Student Handbook
for excused absences
Closed Campus
Tardies and Hall Passes
Allowed before school,
after school and during
• May be used in the
classroom with teacher
permission for valid
educational purposes.
• May be used during
passing periods as long as it
doesn’t create a safety
• May never be used in a
manner that would violate
the Student Code of
• Testing Conditions
Three Strike Rule
What you can
AP course is a college class in a high school
31 AP courses are offered at LASA
AP Exams: take place in May
Students must receive 3, 4, or 5 on an exam to
receive college credit hours
Goal is to ensure a
educational and
work environment
for all students and
Biggest Issues
tank tops
• Student to Administrator: provide
feedback/address concerns through open
door policy and participation in Student
• Student to Faculty: practice self-advocacy,
discuss classroom/academic concerns with
teacher, students are responsible for
communicating with teachers about
• Student to Parent: discuss concerns and
difficulties of the classroom/school
• Library is open from 7:30 am until
4:30 pm
• Students may use the library:
before school, lunch, after school
• May not use library during class
time unless they present a library
pass from a teacher and student
• Must have a valid student ID to
check out a book
• Students are to remain in class for
the last 5 minutes of class
• Teacher designated hall pass
should only be used for brief
breaks to the bathroom, water
fountain, locker, etc..
• Nurse requires a specific nurse
pass with a teacher signature
• Students must have a hall during
instructional time
Parent Log-In
Gradebook/Report Cards
Graduation Planning
Lunch Money
My Messages (District
• Schedule
• Student data information
• Time Management: Know when schedule is
• Sleep Patterns
• Ask questions
• Start going to office hours day one
• Encourage student to use Agenda (Student
• Organizational Skills
• Advocate for themselves: Knowing when to
ask for help
Academic counseling
 Personal counseling
 Crisis counseling
LASA School Counselors
Specializes in:
Lead Counselor
Academic support
College advising
ACC contact
Study tips
504 and learning
LASA School Counselors
Specializes in:
 LASA Ambassadors
 Study Tips
 Leadership Development
 Academic Support
LASA School Counselors
Student Advising
Off-campus PE
Gifted and Talented
Specializes in:
 Personal counseling
 Crisis counseling
 Group counseling
 Referrals to outside
resources for more
 Social Emotional
Learning Contact
LASA School Counselors
Personal counseling
Crisis counseling
Group counseling
No Place for Hate
Referrals to outside
resources for more
3 Cs
LASA specific
Primarily community
Meets first and third
Friday of each month
Open to staff and
students as well
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