Presented by Dick Workman
[email protected]
What is Honoring Our Heroes?
A writing program sponsored by the Forsyth County
Council that encourages students to recognize a person
who has been special to them and to express their
thoughts through writing.
Any student at a PTA school in Forsyth County can
Do you know a real life hero?
The program was designed to encourage students to
discover “real life” heroes who have shown generosity,
trust, persistence, dedication, leadership, creativity, caring,
bravery, imagination, service, gentleness, courage or
This is for students to recognize a true hero in their lives.
This year, in order to keep the program “fresh”, we are
making a slight change to the theme of “who is your hero?”
This year’s real life hero
Our focus this year is on our Community Heroes.
Students who would like to participate should select a real
life hero from those who serve our community who has
made a difference and has shown one or more of the
following characteristics: generosity, trust, persistence,
dedication, leadership, creativity, caring, bravery,
imagination, service, courage or compassion.
The student should show how this hero has had an impact
on their life and/or how this hero has made a difference in
the community.
Who is your real life hero?
Examples of who could be considered a community hero
• Teacher
• Policeman, Fireman
• Doctor, Nurse
• Coach
• Community leader
• Your neighborhood’s Homeowners Association
• Religious leader
• School volunteer
Is this a contest?
Yes – at the school level.
Each participating school will submit one essay per
grade to Forsyth County Council.
No – at the council level.
All essays submitted to FCC will be included in the
book and all authors and their hero will be invited to a
reception where they will receive a certificate and a
copy of the book.
There is nothing above the council level.
Before you get started
• Talk to your principal about how they would like the
program to work at your school.
• There are multiple ways entries can be completed by
• During School Hours or at Home
• As a class assignment (could be for a grade in the class) or
Two program structures
• During School Hours
• Students complete essays
during class with teacher
• Judging occurs within grade
level with each class having a
• From class winners, a winner is
chosen from each grade level
to be submitted to county
• Communication with teachers
about how to conduct the
program is vital.
• At Home
• Students submit the essays
completed at home by a
school-determined due date
• Judges select a winning entry
from each grade
• 1 entry per grade is submitted
to county as winner
• Advertise via school newsletter,
email through Room Parents,
website, flyers sent home, etc.
Honoring Our Heroes – LU Process
• Select a Chairperson
• Establish a structure (choose between in school or at home program)
• Determine timeline
• Publicize
• Collect entries
• Judge the entries
• Award your school winners
• Turn in grade-level winners to FCC by February 13, 2015
• Attend FCC HOH Reception on March 5, 2015 at
-------- ? ------- School
Work backward from the FCC due date.
Your calendar will depend on how your
school implements the program.
February 13, 2015 is when
entries are due to FCC
• Each LU judges their own entries and submits one per
grade level to FCC.
You can do this similar to how you get Reflections judges.
You can also ask teachers to swap from different grades
and read the entries.
You can use a PTA officer/chair committee to judge.
Entries should be judged based on the student’s
ability to articulate the qualities of the hero and to
describe the manner in which the hero affected the
student’s life, either directly or indirectly.
Format of Entries
• Entries are limited to ONE 8.5x11 inch piece of paper. The
student may use both sides of the paper.
• Entries may be handwritten or typed.
• Pictures drawn by the students or photos may be included
as part of the entry, but they are to be judged primarily on
content, and not on artistic ability and they must fit onto
the one piece of paper allowed.
• Each entry submitted to FCC must have an completed
HOH Entry Form with students name, address, school
name included.
The Heroes
• We are also asking for the Heroes address on the entry
• The hero will receive their own special invitation to the
Honoring Our Heroes reception on March 5.
• The Heroes will also receive a certificate of appreciation
and a copy of the book at the reception.
Submitting Entries to FCC
• When you submit your entries to FCC, please include a
completed Forsyth Council Packet Cover.
• Completed packets should be mailed by county internal
mail or delivered to:
• Dick Workman, PTSA, Riverwatch Middle School
• Please email me when they are sent so that I can be on the lookout
for them. [email protected]
Do not fold the entries! Please lay flat in a 9x12 envelope.
Also, be sure to make a backup copy of the entries for your records.
Entries must be submitted by February 13, 2015
The Reception
• The FCC HOH Reception will be held at ------ ? ------
School on Thursday, March 5, 2015 from 7pm-8pm.
• Who is Invited: all school essay winners and their hero,
plus their parents and family, PTA presidents and officers,
School teachers and principals.
• Invitations for both winners and their heroes will
mailed to you by February 16 via internal mail to your
school. You will be asked to mail the invitation to the
winners and heroes. That is why it is important to have
the addresses on the entry forms.
• Each winner and their hero will be presented with a book
that has all the school winning entries. They will also
receive a certificate of appreciation.
• Each school that participates in HOH is requested to bring
a snack item for the Reception that can be eaten by hand
(cookies, fruit, cheese, sandwiches, etc.)
• We will send a Sign Up Genius to each LU HOH
chairperson so you can select which snack to bring.
• ------ ? ------ will provide the drinks.

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