Yi Zhang

Science & Technology Visualization
- Technology Roadmapping (TRM)
Yi Zhang, Ying Guo, Xuefeng Wang, Donghua Zhu, Alan L. Porter. A hybrid visualisation model
for technology roadmapping: bibliometrics, qualitative methodology and empirical study,
Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 2013, 25:6, 707-724.
Yi Zhang, Donghua Zhu, Xuefeng Wang, Ying Guo. Composing Technology Roadmapping
According to Bibliometrics: Hybrid Model and Empirical Study, Proceeding of 2011
International Conference on Computer Communication and Management, 2011, 8: 405-410.
Yi Zhang, Alan L. Porter, Jose M. Vicente Gomila. Text Mining Methods for Consolidating
Topical Factors: Topical Analyses, TRIZ, and Case Study on Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells,
Proceeding of The 8th International Conference on Webometrics, Informetircs and
Scientometrics and 13th COLLENT, 2012, Seoul, Korea.
Yi Zhang, Xiao Zhou, Alan L. Porter, Jose M. Vicente Gomila, An Yan. Triple Helix Innovation in
China’s Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Industry: Hybrid Methods with Semantic TRIZ and
Technology Roadmapping, Scientometrics, to appear.
Lu Huang, Yi Zhang, Ying Guo, Donghua Zhu, Alan L. Porter. Four Dimensional Science &
Technology Planning: A New Approach Based on Bibliometrics and Technology Roadmapping,
Technological Forecasting and Social Change,
Xiao Zhou, Yi Zhang, Donghua Zhu, Alan L. Porter. Based on TRIZ Theory – Industrial
Innovation Path Selection, Scientometrics, under review.
Challenging Problems:
• How to concentrate different data sources
(e.g., publication, patent, business reports and
• How to combine qualitative and quantitative
methodology more smoothly?
• How to realize the S&T visualization
automatically or semi-automatically?
• How to engage new concepts or techniques
(e.g., semantic TRIZ) and construct the
• Yi Zhang is a Ph.D. Candidate in the
School of Management and Economics,
Beijing Institute of Technology, China.
• His specialty is data mining and Science
Technology and Innovation (ST&I)
management, especially the study of
technology forecasting and assessment.
• Current researches emphasize the NEST
Competitive Intelligence studies,
involving Term Clumping, TRIZ and
Technology Roadmapping topics.

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