DepEd Guidelines on the Preparation of GAD Plans

DepEd Order No. 63, s. 2012
GAD Plans incorporating PPAs must be issuebased resulting from gender analysis and
research ensuring that different concerns and
issues of BOTH women and men are equally
addressed in the GAD plans and budgets.
The GAD Focal Point members or in the
absence of GFP, GAD central and field
coordinators shall take the lead in the
◦ preparation of GAD plans and budgets
◦ monitoring of the implementation of PPAs
◦ submission of accomplishment reports to SDS, RDs,
copy furnished the Staff Development DivisionHRDS
The sex-disaggregated data in the eBEIS
shall be used as basis for planning,
budgeting and policy formulation
The costing or allocating budget for GAD
plans may be in the form of 1) separate
GAD fund to support approved PPAs;
2) integrated in major programs and
projects or as counterpart funds from the
ODA for ODA-funded projects.
GAD budget is not an additional
budget over and above the agency
budget, IT IS PART of it and that the
5% GAD budget is not readily available
for use. The approved issue-based
programs, projects and activities
arising from research and gender
analysis, determine the annual GAD
budget of the Department.
In determining what can or cannot be
charged to GAD budget, the primary
consideration is the gender issue being
addressed by the PPAs. If the gender issue
and the justifications are clear, the expenses
can then be charged to the DepEd GAD
Those approved PPAs included in the PCW-endorsed
and DBM approved GAD Plan
Capacity Development on GAD
Activities related to the establishment of enabling
mechanisms for GAD, e.g. GAD Focal Point System,
VAW/Women’s Desks
Salary of agency personnel assigned to plan,
implement and monitor GAD PPAs on a full time
basis, following rules and regulations in hiring and
creating positions. This provision does not apply to
those who were given extra assignment on GAD and
are already regular employees. Overtime work
rendered in doing
GAD PPAs may be compensated through
compensatory time off, following government
rules and regulations
PPAs that address women’s practical and
strategic needs, provided these have been
previously approved by the Central Office and
the PCW and are reflected in the GAD plan
and budget
Consultation workshops to gather inputs for
GAD plan and other GAD mechanisms and
Honoraria and professional fees of external
GAD experts for programs
Development, printing and dissemination of
information and education campaign
Women’s Month activities which are clearly
aligned to the yearly theme determined by
PCW and GAD Board.
PPAs not in the GAD Plan and not endorsed by
PCW and approved by DBM
Personal services and honoraria of GAD Focal
Point and other employees assigned to do GAD
Physical, mental and health fitness activities,
including purchase of equipment, recreation and
social activities, religious and cultural projects,
construction expenses, supplies and materials
for general use, study tour, Christmas and other
celebrations, meetings, EXCEPT if these can be
justified as clearly addressing specific gender
All GFP/GAD units of the central office, bureaus,
services, acenters, regional/division offices and
schools shall formulate their annual GPB within
the context of their mandate and gender analysis
and the budget cycle.
GPB are to be endorsed by heads of offices to
SDD-HRDS (GAD Coordinating Unit/Secretariat)
which prepares a consolidated National GAD Plan
after seeking approval from the GAD Chairperson
or designated co-chair. The National GAD Plan is
endorsed to PCW Chairperson by the GAD
PCW evaluates the Plan and
recommends/endorses this to DBM if found
When DBM approves, the GAD plans and
budgets are incorporated in respective Work
and Financial Plans and Annual Procurement
Plans of offices concerned.
Central Office, through SDD-HRDS informs
the implementing units accordingly.
For all GAD PPAs implemented, proponents are
required to submit accomplishment reports.
These reports form part of DepEd’s annual
accomplishment reports and are budget request
justifications for GAD Plan and budgets for the
succeeding financial year.
PCW consolidates all agency accomplishment
reports as Annual Integrated GAD
Accomplishment Reports for submission to
Congress, the OP, DBM and COA
Contents of the Accomplishment Reports
◦ Brief summary of the PPA showing how
gender issues are resolved
◦ Relevant program statistics
◦ Accompanying orders, memo
◦ Actions taken on AOM/COA findings, if

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